Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review

I just did a review for the book, Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan. You can click here to read the full review.
Definitely a good read.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Social Media Control

What do you post on Facebook? On Twitter? On your own personal blog? This subject has been talked about quite a bit in the last year or so. "You need to watch what you post about because it could cost you your job, your reputation, etc."

This is true, and I agree, but I'm not going to "talk" about that today. Instead I'm going to take a different approach, sort of. I was at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) a few weeks ago and the speaker made a really good point that has spoke to me as a person and as a writer.
Here is what she asked of us:
"Does what you post on any social media reflecting God in a good light or a bad light?" 
It really brought to light some of the things that I am seeing on Facebook posts, Tweets, blogs, and even more so on comments made on blogs. It also brought light to what I am posting...or at least has made me slow down and re-think before I put it out there before all the world to see. I even redid this post because I felt it was heading into a "preach it sista" mode, which is not what I was going for at all. 

I also read an interesting post by Jeff Goins with the question of whether people are meaner online than they are in real life. It's a good post if you have time to read it.

So, what do I do before I hit the "post", the "send", or the "publish" button? I ask myself this:

  1. Is this going to hurt someone's character? I'm not talking about critiques of one's work, but of them personally. 
  2. Is it TMI (too much information)? what I ate, what my kid did on the toilet, anything that I did that would make my mother blush - I hope I'm past that stage in life *blushing myself thinking of the past*
  3. How is this going to reflect Christ? I am a Christian so this is important to me.
So, what do you think? Do you think people are meaner online? Do you think people are too vocal about what they do in the personal lives? Or is it just me? Have you been able to keep your posts positive and encouraging? I'll be honest, I think I've posted a few things while writing this that I wish I hadn't. They weren't HUGE or anything, just snide remarks that could have just not been written. Anyway, would love to know your thoughts as I'm pondering these types of questions.

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