Monday, September 14, 2009

"Why I Don't Like PK"

OK, the title is a little misleading, as it isn't me that doesn't like's my daughter Meg. The first week was a little rough for her, but it has gotten so much better. I thought I'd write down the reasons she doesn't like to go....and the mishaps that have happened on the way that probably didn't help matters.

Meg with Uwe in front of her classroom.

1. "I don't like it when you leave me Mama." (after Day 1)

2. "I don't like my teachers." (morning of Day 3 in the elevator) "Why?" I ask. "Because, because, hmm, because their hands are dirty." (this can't be true as the fear of H1N1 has caused all people to wash hands more)

3. Day 3&4: Meg smelled of wet pants. I found out that she wasn't wiping properly and threatened to send her in a diaper to school. Day 4 same thing, so when we told her that she was wearing a diaper the next day she screamed, "But there is NO toilet paper in the bathroom. It is on the outside and I have to walk out in front of everyone!" (Ahhh, light bulb comes on!) After getting her calmed down and convinced that she doesn't have to wear a diaper, I tell her the secret to Chinese bathrooms......get the toilet paper before entering the stall. (Ahh, another light bulb goes on!)

4. Morning of Day 7 she begins to like going. She stops crying and walks into her classroom all happy. Until Day 8.....I have to drop Marcus off at school this day. We take our bikes. I load my bike in the elevator with Matthea already strapped in. Meg walks in and stands behind me. Marcus gets his bike on. First floor...Marcus gets off; Meg can't, so I maneuver and get my bike out. Marcus holds the up button so the doors don't shut on Meg, only the doors shut anyway. I scramble to get the bike balanced and try to get the door to open, but too late. Door closes. Meg is gone. We hear screaming as the elevator travels down to the basement. A few minutes later it comes back up and a scared little girl runs out and grabs my leg. "Mama, you shut the door on me!" I tried to explain what happened, but it just didn't make sense to a 4 year old. But, she made it to school and went inside without crying....a miracle I do believe.

With all of this, she is still going without crying. The teachers say that she is trying to speak Chinese, which is a relief to my ears! My fears of the summer of having a kicking, screaming, clinging daughter for 2-3 months has vanished. She is totally ready for school and it is so exciting to see her have a love for it.
Thought you might like to see what my bike looks like with both girls on it. I LOVE it!


Lil Eskimo said...

that picture alone makes you super mom for the week! how cool are you?!!!!

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