Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My Dog Ate It by <wikd>

I'm feeling like a student who really wants to do well in school, yet just can't get her act together.
Head down, pleading to the dust on the floor that I won't be called on for the answer, but, with a roaring siren, I hear it. I sigh, look up and think about answering with, "My dog ate it"....but I stammer and say:
Well, hmmm, I don't have much to report on the progress of my writing.

But, I've unpacked my books and put them on my shelf.

But, I've bookmarked some potential new magazine markets. (note bookmarked, not researched)

But, I've started again writing on this blog.

And, to add to the list of those excuses for not looking at my ms or any of my articles semi-ready for submission to magazines...I started a new blog, raising my TCKs. Yep, crazy I know. It is still in the baby stages, but I've managed to post a few articles there anyway.
The target audience is families raising kids overseas, hence the name.  If you want to check it out, I'd be grateful. If you promote it to any friends you might have that would have an interest in it, I'd be extremely grateful.

I'll still be posting here a few times a week and over there a few times a week. That should keep me fairly busy. But, I can't use that as an excuse for not writing for submission.
So, what have you been doing lately with your writing? I'm sure most of you are the 'A' student with work done in advance...and if you are, I still like you. *wink*  Keep going...I'll catch up with you sometime. =)

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Wendy Paine Miller said...

Fun news with starting up a new blog!

I've been going a little nutty trying to wrap up in time for self-imposed deadlines...writing & editing.
~ Wendy

A.L. Sonnichsen said...


My writing has a natural ebb and flow, too. You'll get back into it. Your new blog sounds great! I'll have to check it out very soon. I sort of have TCKs in my house, though I think they've forgotten they're TCKs now. But I'm a TCK, lest anyone forget. :) Yes, it sounds like a wonderful endeavor.

Don't make yourself write and I'm sure you'll want to soon. :) That always works for me.

P.S. Thanks for entering my contest. And of course I'd critique for you any time, so if you want to change your prize-if-choice to a book, let me know. ;)

MaDonna Maurer said...

Wendy, thanks for stopping by. Hmm, I'm terrible with self-imposed deadlines. What do you do to actually meet them? I'm terrible..

Amy, YES you are a TCK...;) Love your idea about not forcing myself, that will probably work. That rebel inside me resists force. HA!
As for your BIG giveaway, that is my "deadline" finish something for you to edit. So, no I can't back out and change it. I have to have an incentive to move forward! ;)

KarenG said...

I finished the initial draft of a new wip last month and haven't picked it up since. It's still there in pen on paper, waiting to be typed into the computer. But we've had all kinds of family stuff going on....hehe the usual excuses. No really, it doesn't bother me when my writing waits like that because I know that when I get to it, it's nonstop for an extended period. That's how I work.

MaDonna Maurer said...

Karen, glad to hear that you sometimes have excuses, too! =) Learning to balance family and writing is a constant challenge, but now that school has started up I plan to get my schedule in order. I don't dare say, "I'll try" because then I know I won't do it. "Just do it" needs to be on a sticky note in front of my computer...=)

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