Saturday, August 4, 2012

Life and Fun: Church Events

Summer in the States can be loads of fun without spending lots of money. We didn't venture too far from my mom's home and found fun in the simplest of things. We fished, rode horses, went to a rodeo, rode in buggies, played in the parks, and splashed in the wading pool. One thing I've not posted about though were the summer events of the churches.
Vacation Bible School was always a hit, though we could only attend a few nights.
Ice-Cream Social at the park. Yum! Yum!
Small Carnival with Kansas City Chief's Casey.

Fishing Derby...we didn't catch any fish, but had a great time out at the pond. Funny moment: Jie Jie getting her bobber and throwing it out into the pond only minutes after arriving. I think she thought we were feeding them? 
Jie Jie loved fishing. We'd cast and she'd reel in.
I bet she sat there for over half an hour. Not sure
what she would have done had she gotten a bite.

Mei Mei still not a fan of standing in the
heat, but can you blame her? It was H.O.T.