Saturday, November 3, 2007

Newsletter 2/2006

Hello to you all!
We have great news about our adoption: it is completed. Megan is in our home and officially ours. We picked her up on Monday this week and were able to bring her home that same evening. We will need to travel back next week to pick up her passport, but a friend offered to do that for us today.
Megan is adjusting ok. Many of you may nod your heads and even smile as you read what the past two days have been like due to experience with adopting a child of your own. They have been times of tears for all in the family and laughter as well. Megan is very shy around strangers so it has taken her a bit to not be scared of us each time she wakes from sleeping. She goes through periods of the day crying anytime you put her down, even if she can see you. Then other times are spent playing happily with a toy or laughing with us in games. The other times are sleeping and eating. I have to admit it hasn't been easy, but we are doing ok. Matthea has handled the adjustment ok for the most part. She has her times where she wants "Mama" to hold her, but all in all she is a trooper. Marcus has been such a huge help as well. But, the crying has taken a toll on him. Today was better since he spent the entire day at school. We've heard that this period does end maybe in a week, maybe a bit longer...but at least there is an end. We are weary, but know where our strength and wisdom come from with each new situation that comes up.
Thanks for your prs for us as we are very excited and a bit in unbelief that we have her. She has the cutest smile that lights up her entire face and shows her two huge bottom teeth.

Other things that we need pr for in the next few months are as follows:
1. Trip to Guangzhou March 8th to get Megan's immigrant visa, so we can go to the US.
2. Safe trip for Md's parents as they come to visit March 18-28th, they'll be a big help with taking back some bags for us so we don't have to ship so many things.
3. March 31st we will all travel to Hong Kong for an appointment for Matthea. She will have a reflux test done as she still seems to spit up after she eats. Also, during that time, we hope to have a feeding evaluation and a swallow study done or at least set up an appointment for one to be done a few weeks later. Pr for it to be done while we are still there. Matthea wants and loves to eat, but we are afraid to give her too much at a time.
4. Trip to Hawaii to get Megan's citizenship and passport sometime before school ends. No date set yet. Hawaii does it in a week, faster than any other place and we need it soon for our next assignment in Taiwan.
5. Packing and sorting all the things that need to go with us and things that need to be given away. Md is known to be a pack rat, so lots of pr there. =)

Thanks again for your prs, we really appreciate them!