Saturday, November 3, 2007

Newsletters 3/2006

Well, we've got the immigrant visa for Megan. I took her down for her physical and Uwe came a few days later for the interview. Everything went really smooth, so much that it was amazing. We were able to rest and relax a bit while we were there, so that was nice.
Marcus and Matthea stayed home with friends. Marcus got to spend the night with a good friend and Matthea had one of her favorite teachers watch her. They were glad when we finally came home, but did really well while we were gone.
Thanks for the prayers! Now we are planning the Hawaii trip sometime in May to get the citizenship completed, then we're off to Taiwan. Things are going fast and busy, but extremely smooth and very well. Can only give the credit to God who provides all.
Thanks again!
MaDonna for the gang

Well, we have had a busy few months, but the Lord is good to us. March began with a trip to Guangzhou to get the immigrant visa; business meetings in Beijing for Uwe; a visit from Md's parents; and a medical trip to Hong Kong for Matthea ended the month.
Guangzhou went really well, you can read about it in the previous blog. Uwe's meetings were very encouraging and challenging as well. They had a great time with the Father. Uwe came back recharged and refreshed. Also on Uwe's plate this month was one of our teachers leaving for medical reasons. He had to pick up the class for a few days, but was relieved by a former teacher who is still in town. We are forever grateful for her help and the help of a friend coming in after Easter to fill in for the rest of the year.

Md's parents came for 10 days and we all had a great time. They spent time with the girls at home playing and reading books. They went to school a few times; one in which Grandma read to Marcus's class. He really enjoyed that. We then took a trip with some of our friends to see the famous dam of China and a minority villiage on the Yangtze River. That was really something. We spent the night in the city of Yichang and then a bus took us through the scenic route to the villiage. We stopped at one place to view the Xiling Gorge, which was so much better then the time Uwe and I took the 3 Gorge cruise 4 years ago. At the villiage, which was nestled on a small tributary of the Yangtze, we were able to see the life of the Tu Minority that are from that area. They demonstrated many of the ways of life of this minority group from years before. Some of the more fascinating sites were watching the men row a fairly large boat upstream on the Yangtze; listening to two people talk/sing to each other from somewhere on the mountain to the river below (usually sharing deaths, weddings, or other significant news from person to person or village to village); and watching a wedding ceremony. From the villiage we traveled to the dam area. Grandpa really enjoyed this site. We were able to watch boats go in and out of the locks; see where the water will come to when the damn is completed and see the lift that will carry the boats over the dam to make travel faster. It was very interesting, but I still don't want to be around if it should collapse. The trip was a nice ending to my parents visit.

I took Matthea to Hong Kong last weekend. My friend, Mandy, went with me. She is from there, so that was a huge help! We stayed in her villiage where she grew up as a child and where her parents and some of ther siblings still live. The appointment for Matthea was to be for a reflux and swallow study. It looked like everything was lining up really nicely. But, in the end it just didn't work, so we were not able to get anything done medically. I won't bore you with details as to the problems we faced that day, but will tell you that when the answer to what I was to do came; the peace that passes all understanding just rushed through my body. I will never be able to explain the peace I felt when the idea to just wait until we get settled in TW came from my friend. At that moment, I knew that is what we were to do. Also, Mandy's mother's birthday was during that time as well, so she was able to celebrate with her family. I was invited as well and had just a great time. I was able to spend great time getting to know my friend so much better. I got to try her favorite foods, see her hometown and meet her family. It was just a special time for me. Although, I didn't spend much time resting, I came back refreshed and recharged. And for this I'm am truely grateful as this month is not slowing down any.

Things to think about for us this month:
1. Traveling safety: We will be going Easter weekend to visit Uwe's sister, husband, and newborn baby plus his mom is there visiting; Uwe travels to Taiwan at the end of the month; We all travel to Beijing over May holiday for a good-bye party; We then travel to Hawaii for citizenship papers.

2. Hawaii trip that all goes smoothly
3. Visas for Taiwan go smoothly
3. Transition as we have exactly two months today before we leave for Taiwan.

Thanks for your prayers as we have seen great things happen. One, Megan is doing so well. She has fit right in and it has been fun to watch her personality just blossom. We have adjusted to her as well.
Matthea is doing great. She is starting to do frontward rolls (Matthea style) and is working on bouncing and walking with only holding one hand. She is signing more and more and that has been fun for us all.
Marcus is loving school and homework. He's a great big brother and a big help to us as well. Please remember his transition as it isn't always fun watching your things being given away to others or disappearing. Wisdom for us as we decide what should go with us and what isn't that important.

Blessings to you all!
md for the fam