Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tooth Story

"Mama, Matthea is picking at her teeth, " shouted Megan from across the table.
"Thanks, Megan," answered her mother, "but you still need to use your inside voice even if we are in a noisy restaurant."

"Matthea, can you open your mouth so I can see your tooth?" asked her mom.
Matthea opened her mouth wide. Her short teeth were all straight except for one. It was leaning out, almost dangling.
"Oh great! Her tooth is about to come out," said their mom.

"Let me see! Let me see!" shouted Megan as she stood up in her chair and leaned across the table.
"Megan you need to sit down. You can look at it when we get home," said their father, "And, Matthea you need to stop picking at it. We can get it out when we get home."

They began eating again. Megan sat on her knees in her chair. She looked at her plate, then back at Matthea, and then back at her plate.
"Is that why Matthea can't talk?" asked Megan.
"Huh?" asked her dad, "Oh, no my little China Doll that is not the reason. Matthea was born with some problems. She'll always be slower than others."
"Oh. Why is her tooth loose?" asked Megan.
Her dad put his piece of pizza down and said, "Because a new tooth is coming in."

Megan moved her slender olive colored finger up to her mouth. She grabbed her top tooth and tried to wiggle it.
"My tooth is loose, see?" said Megan.
Her mom's shoulders bounced lightly up and down as she covered her mouth with a napkin. "Well, it isn't loose yet, dear. You will lose your teeth when you are, like Matthea. Maybe around the time you turn five or six," answered her mom.

Just then Matthea held up her hand. Pinched between her fingers like a small popcorn seed was her tooth. She smiled really big and laughed. The gaping hole where the tooth had been was red.
"Mama! She needs a Band-Aid, quick get a Band-Aid for her mouth!" shouted Megan.
She slid off her chair and crawled under the table. She stuck her whole head into the bag. Her mom took it from her and pulled out the wipes.
"Band-Aides, Mama. I said Band-Aides!" Megan said as she stood up with a little stomp.
Her dad caught her by the arm and pulled her towards his lap. "Listen, Megan you shouldn't talk to you mother that way. And you can't put a bandage in her mouth. The wipes will help make it stop. Don't worry, my brave princess."

When Matthea was all cleaned up, Megan watched their mother wrap the tooth up carefully in a napkin and place it in her purse pocket.
The drama was over. Supper was finished. They got their things and walked home.
At home while they were getting ready for bed Megan looked at her mom and said, "Mama, Matthea did cry at all."
"No, dear, she didn't," said her mom.
"She is a brave princess just like me," said Megan.

This little story was inspired by an event that happened tonight. Yes, Matthea did pull her tooth out at a restaurant tonight! It was horrible. I was just so thankful that I had put that new pack of wipes in the purse. Now, the rest of the dialogue was pretty much made up. Meg has told us various times that her teeth are loose, but they are not even close. But, I needed a way for the reader to understand why Matthea never speaks. I'm trying to explore in the area of the point of view from a sibling of a special needs child.
I've not really given it a title either...