Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Painted Wall

This has been the longest Uwe and I have lived in one apartment our entire 10 years (almost) of marriage. We've lived here for almost 3 years now. This is home #7.

Our first was a two bedroom place that we fixed up with what we had. Our second I re-painted the balcony(pint tai) and put up curtains and pictures on the wall, only to be moved a month later.

Inspired by Uwe's love of geography we put up a border of an antique map in our third home.

Our fourth I dared to paint again. Except this time I tackled Marcus' room. I painted a thin blue horizontal line about midway down the wall. Using sponge stamps, I stamped out red ABC, 123. Then enclosed that with another horizontal line. Then I painted thick blue stripes leaving thin white stripes from the base of the border down to the floor.

Our fifth and sixth I don't believe I touched, except for hanging up pictures. I left the walls white. I had plans, but I guess having another child and moving put my mind on other things.

For the past two years home #7 has had white walls, except for the race car border put up in Marcus' room. I've wanted to paint the rooms and I have plans to paint each room. I've collected magazine pictures for years with ideas for me to pick and choose from. And with that, I've already picked out the color scheme for most of the rooms. I just hadn't bought the paint.

I'm always haunted by the thought, "But, why paint if we are only going to move?"

Well, two weeks ago I had had enough, we went and bought paint for the girls' room.
You see, those two little artist of mine tried to draw a mural with their crayons probably about a year ago. But, after scrubbing the circles and squiggles with Goo Gone, it is still showing. I know I'm pathetic!

Today I painted a wall. I put on two coats of Spring Green and I felt accomplished, successful. I had a feeling of pride in my work. Granted there was paint all over me (guess that is where my kids get the messy painting?) and some on the floor. But, that all cleaned up fine.

I was just starting to clean up the brushes and put my paint away for the day when Uwe called.

"What do you think about moving?" he asked.

I'm looking at the sticky wet spring green wall and think, "What do I THINK about moving?"

Sighing, I answered, "I painted one wall today."

"Oh," was his comment.

After the phone call, I actually started laughing to myself. Of course, we are going to move. I just painted a wall. I should have known this.

I finished cleaning up. I washed out the paint brushes and began praying. Was it a waste?

I concluded that if we do move I need to paint immediately so that we can enjoy the painted walls longer. I cannot be plagued with that thought anymore, "But, why if we are going to move?"

BTW, we decided not to move. It is not needed, "Whew!" I'm going to get to those walls tomorrow or the next day. The quicker I get them done, the longer I can enjoy them. Then onto the next room...