Monday, August 10, 2009


Identity can be found within family, religion, friends, culture, or a number other places.

I'm seeing my youngest starting to deal with it in minor ways.

Her hair.

It's black. No one else in our family has black hair. My oldest has the same color as my husband and my middle has the same color I had when I was young. But, her hair color is the same as....?

Michael Jackson.

This was her conclusion the other day. At lunch she told me that his hair was the same color as hers.


Then today on the bus she noticed other people...

"Mama look out there, that mom has the same hair as me!"
"Look Mama that boy has the same hair as me!"
"Mama, look LOOK that girl as the same hair as ME!"


I'm sure this is something that she'll deal with on and off for most of her life. She's adopted. Her identity is confusing. Even now...

"Both girls are your daughters? But, she has black hair and looks different," frequently quoted by various people on the street. (this could be turned into another posting all in itself)

Later...when she has to fill out a family medical history....?

As her mom, I sometimes worry about this. But, during these times I have to take it to the LORD.

I pray that her identity will be in CHRIST at an early age. That her struggles with this issue will not be a stronghold in her life; but a lifeline to others like her. That she would see how God saved her life and brought her out of the pit.

She's four.

She's Chinese. She's American. She's German. (something my other two struggle with as well, since they were born in China and have grown up in the Chinese culture)

She IS a Maurer. There's no question in our minds about that!