Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Secret Code

Did you have a secret code with your BFF when you were a kid? Or with family?

Was there a signal or the *word* that only you and they understood? Like a game.

Or have you traveled to another country and you didn't understand the language. You feltl like they had the secret code that you just couldn't break.

Or have you watched the deaf "speak" to one another.

Even though my daughter hears perfectly, she is considered nonverbal. She has started speaking sounds and simple words, but for the most part she uses sign language (ASL).

I have loved learning this new language with her. I'm not fluent at all, but as a family we have our own little "code". And it is fun to use.

Like today.

At the waterpark with the kids. It is water overflowing from a sink full. Kids were everywhere. It was sometimes difficult to spot the blond hair white kid amongst all the black hair Chinese kids. And when it was time to eat, I didn't want to drag the other two around the place looking for him.

But, I spotted his smiling face in the free flowing river of brown eyes. Fortunately, he looked at me.
I signed to him, "Want eat?"
He signed, "Eat now?"
Then we ate. I didn't have to yell at him or anything.

We have stories like this almost daily.

I never knew that learning sign language would be this much fun with my family. (and also helpful when they were not obeying in public)

If you are interested in learning it with your kids. I highly recommend this DVD series "Signing Times". It is very kid friendly and shows the signs clearly. Their website is:

Another good reference for looking up quick words is
Love this site as they give an actual video of the sign.

These are only two, but there is so much out there if you search the web.

With the Deaf Olympics happening next month here in Taipei, I sure wish I were fluent. We do plan to attend some of the games. It will be a cultural experience for us. I'm quite excited.
(FYI: It is one of the top most unreached people groups in the world.)