Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost.....(part 2)

Two days left before we fly back to Taipei home from US.
My first flight with the three kids.....alone.
My fears were getting the best of me...
"What if we're not seated together?" (even though I had preselected)
"What if one of the kids is too annoying on the 13 hour flight?"
"What if I lose a bag?"
"What if I lose Matthea again?"
I was beginning to think I was crazy to even think this was possible.

But, the morning of the flight I was calm. It was definitely from the Lord, because it wasn't me.

With tears in our eyes we said our good-byes and went through security.
Slower, but no problems. In fact, they were quite pleasant and helpful!
Handed in our boarding passes and folded up the stroller.
Still Ok.
Airport personnel helped me get the kids on the plane.
"This is going to be smooth...what was I worrying about?" I thought to myself.

Landed at the first of two layovers. Kids carry their backpacks and we walk up the only aisle of the plane. Slower, but ok.
Just as we are about to exit the plane I hear, "Please don't kill the messenger of bad news."
Yep, here comes the problem of the trip.
"Ma'am, your stroller was left in Kansas City. But, it is on its way to Taipei via San Fransisco."
"Seriously," I ask, "I have a daughter who has special needs and can't walk well enough to get to all our gates." Plus, I'm carry-on, my other two and their stuff....head starts spinning.
But, then I hear, "No problem, we have a wheelchair for you all."
Sigh of relief.

This "loss" turned out to be a huge blessing because with the wheelchair came a person to push. So, I had a free hand to hold Megan's through both of our layovers, through security checks, and through immigration. And, yes, even out to my awesome husband who somehow was able to get past part of security so he could be just that much closer to be my Knight!

The stroller was not at the airport when we arrived, but it was delivered to our apartment two days later with no damage.

But, two weeks later I lose more than the the first two....and learn that I should never go anywhere without the cellphone.