Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost.....(part 3)

This time....I entire family.

Yes, I lost my entire family on a walk.

Just a simple walk to the plant market, right? Well, we were almost to Da An Park when Uwe and I both were craving some juice. So, we agreed that I would run down to Wellcome and get some. We'd meet on the corner.

I came back up with the juices and walked to the corner.
No family.

"Maybe he said the corner of the park"
Got to the park.
No family.
I waited and watched for about 5 minutes.
At this point I realized that neither one of us had our cellphones with us.

"Did he say he'd keep going and meet me at the corner of the plant market?"
I looked back to the original corner, no one.
I looked down one street, then the tall foreigner with three kids.
I stepped into the park and began a fast paced walk towards the opposite end.
For those of you who have never been to Da An Park, it is very spacious with lots of green trees, grass, and on the weekends LOTS of people.

About 10 minutes later I was at the corner opposite of the plant market. I stood and watched about 30 people cross the street and enter the market.
"I know he did NOT take the kids in there," I said to myself, "But, where are they?"

At this point I just decided to go back home. I surely would find them there sometime this day. I kept my eyes open through the park again noting this time the soccer games going on and a family playing baseball. I noticed two foreigner gals laying on a blanket reading books. I saw so many people out relaxing and enjoying the sun.
But where was my family and why couldn't we be just like these people out enjoying the sun?

I got back to the corner of the park and began to cross the road to the "corner" I had thought I was suppose to meet them at.
And there he was.
My husband. Standing above the crowd scanning the roads searching.
For me.

As soon as the light changed I ran across.
Looks of confusion and relief filled faces, then we all began to talk at once.

What happened?
They were sitting outside Wellcome to my right. I came out and went left, not even seeing them. They, on the other hand, were playing and didn't see me come out of the store. Uwe was actually quite worried and getting ready to go to the had been over 30 minutes at this point and they had checked the store various times and had even asked if a foreign lady had come in. The clerks had said "No".

Anyway, moral is take your cellphone with you no matter what. No matter even if you just plan to have a nice walk with your family.


lindiepindie said...

Goodness, that park is HUGE for you to have to find someone in. Although, I find it funny that you blended in well enough that you didn't stand out as a foreigner to the Wellcome people. :o)

2nd moral of the story? Wait for mommy on the park side of the exit!

PS I do have a box for you. After I told myself I had a month to send it I totally procrastinated! Sorry!!

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