Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is Your Assignment?

This weekend I was reminded/challenged by a speaker. He spoke on Matt. 25:14-30 and brought out some interesting/thought provoking questions. (especially, to me as a mom)
He brought to my attention the wording of v.14.... (the master) "entrusted his property to them (servants). This property was then given "each according to his ability" (v.15).

As a Christian you can probably see that the "Master" is God and the "servant" is us, his people, his workers. In this parable the servants were given something because of their ability. The "talent" wasn't a gift, it was a something that he wanted the servants to take care assignment.

The application for me:
1. What has God entrusted to me? What is my assignment?
My answer is my husband and my kids...those are my two biggest ones. There could be more depending on "my ability".
Reactions: I sometimes struggle with this "assignment" I was given. Mom. I get tired of picking up clothes, fixing meals, wiping noses, wiping bottoms, etc. Don't judge me yet...I LOVE my kiddos. They also bring me the most joy with hugs, kisses, flowers, smiles and jokes. They are all just the best. But, I just sometimes miss my "old" life. Teaching, writing, feeling like I have a purpose. Today is one of those days...the "To Do" List...forever long, never-ending list of jobs that I must do.
This leads to the next applications:

2. I should be a good care-taker of the object of value to Him. How often do I complain or whine about it....take for granted....sigh as yet another drawer is emptied out, water is spilled, and toys strung all over the "just picked-up" apartment.
Reaction: Pooh! On! YOU! OK, that is honestly my first reaction....but, I can't stay there, not if I really want to love my LORD and obey HIS word. So, like a child myself, I apologize (again) and begin to look at the assignment with His eyes. He's given me a wonderful husband whom I need to show love and encouragement daily to. He's given me three great kids for this time in my life... I need to enjoy and love them. And out of those three, he's given me a special needs child...I need to recognize that I can't do it on my own and rely on HIS strength for each day; HIS peace for each day; and HIS love for each day....and remember that I am teaching now (home school Matthea); I do have time in the week to write (when I don't waste time on FB, Blogging, or whatever else I fancy to do); and I need to remember that my purpose in life is not being accomplished, published, or recognized....but to love God and love be the good care-taker of the object(s) of value to God that he has entrusted to me.

Do I have it altogether? Absolutely NOT! In fact, in about one minute after I publish this post I am sure I will be saying "Seriously?"'s a process that I'm going through right now.

So, what is your "assignment"?

* btw, the speaker just happened to be my husband....i love him!


katrina said...

Love your honesty MaDonna. And you've got me thinking too. I get just where you're coming from.

I'm heading to bed and I'm going to spend some time praying just for you tonight. :o)

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks Katrina...just struggling with lots of things I think...but nothing that isn't taking joy out of life. HA! Will NOT let that happen.

How you are these days?

Jenny said...

I always read posts on my phone, then think I'll go back and comment when I'm on the computer. Then I forget - but I did want to say, I appreciate thinking about it as an "assignment," and I like the word "entrusted." I think I really junk it up sometimes, this assignment I've been given as a stay-at-home mom. I love the mom part, but like you said, the cleaning and cooking and all of the loose ends that come undone over and over gets very old. It sort of seems unfair sometimes that we have to do two jobs at once - mother/teacher along with cleaner/cook. It is mandatory for my heart to look at scripture like this one and to take a deep breath and thank God for giving me my family, including all of the hard work they entail.

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