Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Plan B part 2

I couldn't call this Plan C because we are still doing Plan B, just an extension. If you want to read about it read here.
This plan I believe is going to be great! Why? What is it? I hear ya...
It is simply a card system. I used a variation of it when I was teaching G5 (back during my Tianjin days). We have 3 cards.
Green = Good (and if it is on green the next morning, she gets a sticker)
Yellow = 5 min. in the corner
Orange = spanking (ok, I know there are going to be parents out there that are going to throw a fit, but seriously, a under-controlled swat is not's the ones done out of rage, which I am against as well.)
She gets a warning before the card change....this has helped her make the right choice on her own.

Our rules are simple:
1. Obey what we tell you to do. OR Choose to do the right thing.
2. No back talking. OR Say "Yes, Mama/Papa"
3. No lying. OR Tell the truth.

**note that if she is not on green but makes 2 right choices, then she gets to move back up one if she is on orange, she has to make 4 right choices total. That way we reward her for good behavior/choices.

So, after 10 stickers she gets a date with me. We are on sticker 3 after a week, but yesterday and today has been really good. She is really excited about that date with mom.....and so am I. I'm thinking of making it a milkshake date this time.


marissa said...

gram and I just read your post. Gram says "Good luck" and "hang in there". Oh and she'd forget what color card to use:) ~Gram Ann and Riss

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