Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I think it is Wednesday, but not for sure....

Yes, jet-lag is in full swing at the Maurer house.

Ah, jet-lag. Those mixed feelings that make your body and mind just about go crazy. You know.
Upset stomach, yet starving.
Sleepy, yet can't fall asleep.
Writing blog, yet the brain is fog (so that means my fingers are hitting every other key incorrectly, and making horrid rhymes, seriously. need. sleep.)

So, while I'm waiting for my two Darling Dears to get to sleep...I'm catching up on blogs that I've not been able to read the last few weeks.
And since it is Wednesday and I haven't reported one single WIP in probably 2 months thought I'd try my hand at getting one in....sigh....

But, I need to start this back up or I don't think I will finish this next project. I need accountability to keep moving forward.  I sent off a magazine story and am (now that I've remembered) anxiously waiting for the reply, which could be any day now.
The other WIP is in the editing stage, then will be sent off to a magazine.

But the newest WIP is...drum roll, please.....I've been inspired to write a novel. My first.  It has been rolling around in my head for quite a few months. I've bounced the idea around much like a soccer ball on the pitch and decided to really give it a go. I'm still in the beginning making an outline or more like a really rough sketch of where I want it to go.

For those of you who write, do you use an outline of some sort or do you just start writing and see how it goes?

Now back to unpacking (which I haven't started yet) OR daydreaming about Bath (I'll be blogging about that trip in a few days with pics)....decisions, decisions....but those both will have to wait as I am going to have to sleep in the DD's room to get them to stop playing and to fall asleep.....being away from their toys for 6 weeks makes their room an amusement park.