Monday, August 30, 2010

Bath-Part 4: The Rivers/Canals

The Avon River runs through the city of Bath.  It has a really nice walking path that meanders through parks, residential areas, and connects with the Kennet Avon Canal.  The kids and I walked along the Avon River one afternoon, then showed Uwe our discoveries.

The Hub and the kids walking carefully along the river.

Where the river and canal meet.
The Kennet Avon Canal was built to take goods from Bath to London faster. But, soon the railroad was built and the canal is now used for casual living.  People buy or rent boats and live on them for a few months to maybe even years. Some of the long boats we saw looked like they were year rounders.  That would be interesting to do with the three kiddos..I. Think. Not.  (More like something to do once the nest is empty.)


One afternoon we took a boat ride from Bath to Bath Hampton on the Avon River.  We had read that you could walk back along the Kennet Avon we gave it a go. The boat ride was so peaceful and lush with green.  


At the Mill they dropped us off and we were on our own to get back.  After asking a local, they directed us toward the village and the canal. We walked along a little country road, in which, my little city girl was just mortified by the bugs, the smells, the country-ness of it all. She did better once we got by the canal and she could throw rocks. *whew*  I was a bit fearful that she would be against all things country. The hour long hike back was just wonderful.  Sheep grazed in pastures, long boats docked along the banks, rocks were thrown, and the view of the city of Bath was just spectacular.  

A few more pics from our walk along the canal. I loved the buildings, the flowers (and I'm not a huge flower person), and well, just the beauty of nature.


I can't mention rivers and not talk about bridges, now can I?  Well, just one. The Pulteney Bridge is the famous bridge that crosses the Avon River  in Bath. I believe the style of the bridge makes it famous, but what do I know about architecture?  Not much, but I did make my kids sit and draw it...well, they had to draw something that they saw while sitting on the bench at the little park. 



"Seagull" by Marcus.
We also spent an evening there feeding the birds.  The kids thought it was magical, but the Hub thought it was torture because the birds would peck at his toes.  Seagulls are vicious animals...just thought I'd warn you.



And to end with one last photo...our favorite thing beside the river....
...the homemade ice-cream cart. YUM! YUM!


A.L. Sonnichsen said...

What a gorgeous place, and beautiful pictures. All these posts have been so fun to read. Makes me want to go, but I'll skip the American Museum. ha ha! :) That bit about the guy with leprosy who was healed by pig's mud is so interesting. Sounds like there's a novel in there somewhere, right?


MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks, Amy! I've loved looking back at them and of those places I really wouldn't mind living in. =)
...and yes, that guy has got quite the story; love that about history!

Cam and Elisa said...

I LOVE the bridges....What a beautiful place! But I think my favorite thing about the river would have been the homemade ice cream cart too!
Oh, and I do not think I would want to live in one of those long boats. Even with our nest empty.

MaDonna Maurer said...

Elisa...lots of hippies in those boats. It was an interesting subculture for sure. I'd only want to do it for a few weeks to one month..nothing more.

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