Friday, September 3, 2010

Bath-Part 5: Ralph Allen

Ralph Allen....who is that? Before going to Bath, I would not have had a clue....but after going to the Postal Museum and reading about him a bit more, I'd say I have a bit of an appreciation of him. He came to Bath to work at the postal department....he climbed the professional ladder of the time and became mayor.  He made his money by his introduction to faster mail routes. With this money he built a huge estate in Prior Park (which we didn't go and see), built cottages for the people that worked for him, and helped build the Mineral Water Hospital.
So, ya, a guy that gives back to the community...that's always a positive for me.
Kids in front of an English Mailbox.
The Postal Museum was, by far, the most entertaining of Mr. Allen's notorious background.  It was very small, but very well done. It was perfect for us because it was raining and we couldn't be outside that morning. The kids were able to do a lot of hands-on activities and games to learn more about the development of the postal department of Bath.  I think the favorite activity for all three was the dress-up corner. The kids were able to dress up as a postperson with a satchel of postcards inside.
At the Postal Museum. Matthea perforating her stamps. Kids all had fun with this hands-on activity. 
Marcus and Megan in the dress-up corner.
The Water Mineral Hospital was built within walking distance to the hot springs.  Patients could then go from their room to the healing waters daily and more conveniently than before. We didn't go inside, but passed by it quite often on our way to the park. And as I'm writing I'm now wondering if it is still even a hospital....hmmm, guess I wasn't that interested in it while we were there, eh?

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