Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coming and Going...Life as an Expat

Today I'm not posting my WIP..mainly because I've not done a whole lot. On top of a busy weekend, the Son and Husband were sick.  They are feeling better, but today I'm feeling it, but no time to be sick 'cause I have to take Matthea to see the surgeon for hopefully the last time..plus she has ST and PT today.  So instead of complaining, below is a fun post.

Every year  living overseas has its hard times...it's usually at the end of a school year when one must say "Good-bye" to dear friends who are moving elsewhere in the world. This IS a yearly event. Not fun. During those times, I have to remind my self that it is not "good-bye", but a "see ya later".  For in fact, I will see many of them again. It may be in heaven. Or it could be for a weekend or a night or for even a few hours.  Expats move around. They travel.  They go places.  And they usually find people they know to visit with at every stop.  This is what I love.
 I love it that someone may FB me or call and say,
"Hey, I'm coming to Taipei for the weekend, want to get together for coffee?" (YEAH!)
Or "I have an overnight in Taipei, can I stay with you all?" (Of COURSE!)

Cindy came this spring and stayed with us. Taken at Taipei 101!
Heather came by Taipei for the weekend with her kiddos...spent an hour
with her catching up! That was just this weekend! 

Manuel gave a lecture at NTU last week and stayed with us this weekend.
Good family friend of Uwe's (and now mine! *grin*)
And more are coming this weekend for the day. I'm pumped because, well, more reminders for me this summer...that it isn't "good-bye", but a "see ya later".

Do you have people in your life that seem to come and go?  How do you deal with the "good-byes"? (I tend to deny, avoid, then cry buckets of tears...)