Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Being Thankful

Thanksgiving Day is ending for me for this year (I live in Asia).  Today was one of those days that tested my "thankfulness". I know, I's Thanksgiving and I should be SO thankful. So, here is my spin on all the "not so thankful thoughts" that kept popping up.  Here it goes....
1. My husband is in S. Korea. Yes, he left the day after the bombing. He is there for a conference.  But, I'm so grateful because, well...I'm thankful for oovoo and skype. I got to oovoo chat with him and see his handsome face. And thankful that things seem to be fine there. God's protection and MY peace.
2. In the shower with suds in my hair and our doorbell rings. No JOKE! Marcus tells me it is our building security man with a package.  Thankful for a helping Son and Candy Corn, fun magazines. And my kids are thankful for all their little gifts, too! (Thanks all who put that care package together!)
3. It was raining this morning....not drizzle, but downpour. And I "got"to walk in that rain with my three kiddos in tow . So, I'm thankful for umbrellas, raincoats and a stroller with a good rain cover.
4. I'm WAY behind on my NaNo writing....but, I'm so thankful for all that I've learned so far. AND, for the fact that I have the next few days to spend countless hours when kids are sleeping to write and not feel guilty because I'm not spending the quality time with the Husband.

Matthea's First Thanksgiving Meal...she's eating
Pumpkin Pie here and LOVIN' it!
And because of all the "taking captive" of my thoughts this day, I became thankful for all the other blessings in my life.
*Invitation to a Thanksgiving meal with a bunch of awesome friends who are so encouraging and uplifting in WORD and DEED!
*Pre-baked sweet potatoes: For pics check out my friend's blog b/c she posted about this same thing too.
TIP, after you buy the pre-baked (or after you bake them yourself) let them cool, then refrigerate or freeze with skin until you need to use them. They peel SO easy this way!
*Matthea's feeding tube removed last month.
*Megan's progress in Chinese language and how she makes me smile listening to her sing in Mandarin and sometimes in Taiwanese.
* Marcus' help while Uwe is gone(note #2) God's blessed me with this young guy (and with my two little girls, too)
*A warm apartment....I haven't had to turn on electric heaters yet. =)
*Friends: from my past, from my present, from home, from here, from all over the world, from my blogging world, from my "real" world. I am so thankful for you all!
*God...who took a small mid-west girl and transformed her into something she thought she'd NEVER be able to be and that HE still continues to work in her life DAILY with PATIENCE, PATIENCE, did I mention PATIENCE? He seriously is so patient with me...for that I'm so grateful!

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving today with your family and friends wherever you are!


p&k said...

Glad my sweet potato pics could be of use! Now if only I could remember to take pictures of my kids on thanksgiving day . . . the adorable one of your three just made me realize that although I got a few shots of our table before guests arrived, I forgot to bring out the camera the entire time people were eating at it!

MaDonna Maurer said...

I only took a pic of Matthea eating it b/c I forgot until the end. And it hit me that this was her first real Thanksgiving!
The one of all three was after we got back home and I remembered I had taken my camera to get a pic of all three but had forgotten. So, I made them stand there and pose.

klahanie said...

Greetings MaDonna,
And, my friend, I am grateful for your positive interaction.
May you continue to stay inspired. Let the magic of writing bring you much happiness and immerse you in profound thoughts.
Yes, Thanksgiving Day, is over. For me, it was on October 11th. I thought about all my friends and family, so far away, in Canada, as I sat in my peaceful little English home.
Have a lovely day.
In kindness, Gary :-)

KarenG said...

I have really enjoyed reading different bloggers' Thanksgiving lists and posts on gratitude specifics. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for your comment on my blog today :)