Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeschool Wrap Up...Review

This week we reviewed letters, numbers, and some writing. I am happy to say that she remembers it all and has progressed even after not doing any school over the summer. *cheering and dancing*
She recognized all the uppercase letters (and tried to "say" most of the letters instead of signing them!) She knew almost all of the lowercase letters, which is great considering we haven't really worked with them before. I had her match uppercase to lowercase from Aa-Mm. She did pretty well.

 I found this here. I cut, laminated and put
Velcro on the back of the apples for Jie Jie.
She recognized all the numbers from 0-10, so I will be adding to that next week and have her start counting. She seems to have an understanding of counting, but I'm not sure how accurate she is. I will do some "testing" with her on Monday, but very pleased that it is coming together.

What I was most pleased with was her writing ability. Last spring we only worked on these strokes "|,-, /, \" and then on letters "T,t,I,i,L,l". This week she remembered the strokes, so I added "O" to challenge her. She really concentrated to stay on the yellow line. Next week, we'll continue with the "O" and begin the letters again.
Love these! Jie Jie knows to start at the green
dot and trace along the yellow line until the red
dot. I'm excited to start up the letters next week.
These worksheets are found here. I laminate them
and have her use a dry eraser marker.


Marcia said...

I'm interested to read about your teaching methods. You must be thrilled about her recall. That way, we know they've really learned!

MaDonna Maurer said...

I'm not sure exactly what I call my teaching methods. We make up an IEP every semester with the help from her PT, ST, and a friend who is a sp. ed teacher..then I focus on those goals. I'll do craft projects that are around those goals to help make it more fun.
I think what has really helped this past 6 months is her jump developmentally in the cognitive area AND her desire to want to learn. Her wanting to learn something is probably 80% of why she has been able to retain what she has learned. So, I have to dive in and take advantage of her love of learning now.
I wish I knew what the secret was for her to want to learn, so I could share that with others struggling. Prayer is the only answer I can give. I've prayed that she would want to learn.
I'll be posting every Friday, helps keep me accountable to do schooling with her.

Jenny said...

Those are great resources. I'm going to print off the prewriting sheets for my preschoolers at co-op. Their curriculum, which I didn't choose, is actually k-5, and I don't think most of them are ready for it. They need to back up a little.

MaDonna Maurer said...

Jenny, so glad you could use these. I LOVE them! This week we've tackled the "T" and "t" and she did some on her own. I was jumping around like a cheerleader (and you KNOW I'm so very far from a cheerleader type!)