Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WiP and the BBQ

This past weekend was Labor Day in the US. We didn't really celebrate here, but I did celebrate at KarenG's Labor Day BBQ Blog Party. I had a lot of fun meeting other writing bloggers. Thanks Karen for hosting!

WiP: I have decided to officially shelve the ms that I wrote last year. It needs editing, but my mc is just not calling to me right now. I'm okay with that. Instead, I'm researching for a new wip - a nonfiction piece that I'm very excited about.

Other News: I've had article ideas pop into my head for magazine submissions. Just today I emailed a proposal to an editor for a local magazine. I'm very excited about having ideas because it seems like my brain has had no room for writing of any kind for months. Too much going on in the everyday life.

And one other piece of news that maybe even you might be interested in. I just found out over at Donna's Book Pub, about Chicken for the Soul's call out for stories. I'm thinking I might have a few short pieces that I could write up for that as well.

So, now to just sit down and get it started, right?

So, how did you spend your Labor Day weekend? What has kept you busy this week in the writing world? 


Carolyn V said...

I'm running late on getting to other's blogs from the bbq, but I'm so glad to find your blog!

Good luck on the proposal. I hope it goes well!

colbymarshall said...

Haha- getting started is sometimes the hardest part for me! I spent my Labor Day weekend trying to pass a kidney stone- yike! Now I'm trying to catch up on what I missed during my sick days.

irishoma said...

Hi MaDonna,
Go with that excitment about writing your article. Getting started is half the battle; keeping going is the other half.
And thanks for mentioning me on your blog.
Donna v.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Thanks so much for the heads up on Chicken Soup and Donna's Book...

I missed out on Karen's BBQ this year. I did it last year and it was good fun.

Sometimes you do have to shelf something until you get it the mood for it. That's one reason to have several projects at the same time. :)

MaDonna Maurer said...

@Carolyn~ glad you came over! Welcome, welcome! And I got the proposal approved, so now I need to write it....

@colbymarshall~ uh, I had a more pleasant weekend. Hope you are feeling better!

@Donna~ Truer words never spoken! Just keep going...=)

@Sharon~ after reading Amy's (Green Bathtub) interview about her journey, I felt even better about shelving it. And you are right having more projects to work on helps. =)

Sherrinda said...

I spent a Labor Day being lazy. Slept late, read some, watched a movie and did a little editing.

Like you, I had shelved my ms, but on a whim I entered a contest with it and got asked to send a partial. So now I am trying to edit the thing just in case I get asked for a full. I'm not expecting it, but I feel like I should go ahead and just do it.

KarenG said...

So glad you enjoyed the BBQ, me too! I've been visiting new blogs I discovered, every one a gem! When my kids were young and life was a hectic mess, I never even attempted a book. I got some articles and stories published and wrote a lot in my journal. If there had been blogs back then, I'd have been all over that. Good thing there wasn't hehe.

MaDonna Maurer said...

@Sherrinda, congrats on the partial...hope you get asked for the full. =)
@Karen, funny. You made me laugh at the blogging with kids comment. Last night my son informed me that I was not to write something that he said on any form of social networking. So, sometimes my hands are tied and I can't write about some REALLY good stuff. Hmm, though, I think I can slip into a mc sometime in the future, right?

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