Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coming Out of Nanoland Unharmed

Doesn't this look like a dangerous place? I mean there is a monkey hanging off a tree into a river!  Or you could look at it adventure with LOTS of twists and turns that take you places you didn't know existed.
Yep, Nanoland is pretty much an awesome place. OK, I can say that now because I passed through it and survived. But here are some things that I did learn from it.

1. I CAN sit and write 1000s words a day (and sometimes more). Seriously, didn't think I could do that.
2. A story board is necessary for me, but I did have some pantser moments when I just dreamed and wrote whatever.
3. I write best after the kids are asleep at night. Mornings just didn't work out for me at all.
4. I'm still a procrastinator. I started off really well the first 1.5 weeks, then I got bored. Seriously bored. Didn't feel like writing anymore on the story. But, just like a good procrastinator, I sprinted the last five days and lost LOTS of sleep...but finished in time. Will I ever learn?
5. I found out I have an inner editor that wanted to just go back and tweak here and change/fix a scene there. But, I was able to keep that little girl locked away by telling myself, "Just write! It may feel like you are vomiting words on the page, but just write them. You have got to finish....clean up the mess later. WRITE!" I think I should have posted that on the computer screen....maybe next year. 
6. I could NOT have done this without the support of the HUB. He was really great and understanding through the whole thing. And my kiddos, too! Plus all the people who where cheering me on! Thanks!

I've enjoyed reading other blogs about Nanoland.  Here are some of my favorite posts. They are great if you are thinking about doing it next year.
1. KarenG writes about why Nano is good for writers to do. Click here to read about it.
2. On The Writer's Alley, Sherrinda wrote how to get your word count in during the holidays. Click here.
3. And Sherrinda wrote what she learned on her own blog here.

Well, that was the last of my Nano News of this year.  I promise NOT to mention it again (that is for the HUB's sake).  But, I will mention my WIP, which is written thanks to Nano.  But, now it shall rest for a week or so, then I'll take a peek at the first two chapters. Those have a deadline with my instructor at the end of December. (So, if anyone out there has NOTHING better to do right before Christmas give me a shout and I'll email those two chapters for you to read through and give your suggestions.)

Good-bye Nanoland, hello family!