Monday, December 13, 2010

Free2Eat Blogparty and Giveaway

Yes, it is finally here.   The time to celebrate Matthea getting her feeding tube removed.  I'm calling it Free2Eat because, well....she is now "free to eat" whatever she'd like. (Ok, within the healthy and legal boundaries, of course!)
I have looked, but I have not written Matthea's full story anywhere on this site...or at least I can't find it. So, I promise to write it out on another post this week.
But, here is a few posts about her eating progress this past year.  If you want to read about them more to find out what the "feeding tube" is you can click here.
If you want see progress from the summer click here.

Ok, so to celebrate I'm giving away two of her favorite Asian treats.  Plus a finger painting that she will make this week.
The treats are Guai Guais, which are a puffed cereal type snack.  You can choose the coconut flavor or the hazelnut chocolate flavor (think nutella). The second treat is a rice cracker that has a sweet and salty taste to it.
Hazelnut Chocolate=Nutella

Coconut Flavored

Rules: There has to be some rules, right? They are simple.
1. Leave a comment telling us your favorite snack food. +1
2. Be a follower of this blog +2

That is 3 points total you can get. For each point I will put your name in a jar and let Matthea draw out a name.  Please leave your email address, so that I can contact you if you win.  This IS an international giveaway, so anyone can enter. 
Contest ends December 19th, 2pm in Taiwan
So that is December 19th, 12am Central Time in the USA and
December 19th, 7am in Germany.

Free2Eat is now Starting!

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Hannah said...

Hey, it's Hannah from SYIS. I'm so excited to hear about Matthea's big news! Of the 2 snack foods, I'm more curious about the hazelnut chocolate one. I've been following your blog every once in a while via facebook notices. :-) Merry Christmas!

Laura said...

Congratulations to Matthea and thanks for the invite. My favorite snack food are the sweet/salty rice crackers! I follow your blog every time I get an e-mail regarding it (don't know if that counts). Blessings to you all- Laura

Mike/Kristen said...

Mike Pollock here! Yea, Matthea! We are packing and moving from KY, USA back to Tianjin, so can't join in the party, but send our love.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Yay, Matthea! Good for you!!

My kids LOVE those rice crackers, so they would be stoked if I won. :)

My favorite snack food is oranges. (Do those count as snack food?) Aaron got a whole box of them through a fundraiser and I have been eating 3 or 4 a day. Insane. This baby might be born orange.

Thanks for the fun and easy contest!


MaDonna Maurer said...

@Hannah....HI! It has been awhile since SYIS! How are you doing? I keep up with you a bit on FB...

@Laura, thanks!

@Mike...I heard you moved, so you are moving back to TJ? Awesome! for oranges, my other friend that is expecting is eating oranges just like that. Strange, but healthy. LOL

To clear it up, you have to follow the blog. To do that go to the sidebar and click on one of the follow icons. You can choose which you'd rather use google or network blogs or both. =)

Steve and Patty Sark said...

This is Steve. Congratulations Matthea!

My favorite snack food is chocolate. And salty potato chips. And wasabi flavored potato chips. And Snickers. And BBQ flavored potato chips. And popcorn with lots of salt and butter. And five Oreos in a tall glass of milk. And dried seaweed with dried squid. And Cheez-Its. And Raisin Bran. And bacon, egg, cheese and Miracle Whip sandwiches. And noodles. Those are my Tuesday snacks.

Lana said...

I will come to the party if we can make it! Me and the kids did want to make a Taipei trip so if we change our dates we'll come and celebrate this wonderful day with you. Yeah! No more feeding tube! I remember when you couldn't even have a drink of water. I love seeing you because you give the BEST hugs. Love, Lana

Lori said...

Yeah Matthea! That's wonderful news! I wish we were closer to you guys and could go to the party. Such a big milestone for all of you!

ZhongXue's favorite snack is Niu Rou Gan (we call it meat candy) and popcorn. Mine is anything chocolate!

Love you guys!

MaDonna Maurer said...

@Steve...high altitude make you hungry or what? LOL

@Lana...YEAH, that would be great to see you! You have my vote to COME that weekend!

@Lori, wish you all could just be zapped over here. Love hearing about the progress of ZX!

Anonymous said...

So happy over here for you guys! HUGE congratulations to Matthea!

Favorite snack food? Let's see, there are so many good ones, how does anyone pick just one? I gotta say that I snack a TON in Taiwan. Butter Coconut Guai Guais are up there ... love those Japanese milky candies ... sour balls ... mangoes ... bananas ... pb cups ... cracklin' oat bran ... I'm going to stop now. :)

Have a wonderful party! You'll be in our thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Btw, CraftApple is me, Linda, in TX. :)

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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