Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Things I Hate about Fasting...

Ok, I started this fast about 3 days ago with some friends...so I can't just "back out" and no one will know. So, for therapy I'm listing reasons I dislike it...many are very sarcastic, but hopefully a bit funny.

1. No coffee at breakfast. This is a killer since I enjoy it so much!

2. Cooking meals for the kids. Can't they just make their own meals for a week? HA!

3. Cleaning the juice machine. This is probably my top one....why is it always such a pain?

4. Vegetable juice...enough said.

5. No coffee time in the afternoon. Love my coffee time right before I go and pick up the kids from school. Actually, need it for sane reasons for when they are all home. =)

6. Headaches. Lack. Of. Coffee.

7. Notice that everyone else in the world I live in is EATING! Seriously, everywhere I walk there are people eating some of the most delicious looking delicacies. Can't I just nibble?

8. The smell of food...rich garlic, spicy, food...Indian sounds really good right now.

9. How the day can drag on and on and on; just waiting for bed so you can stop thinking about food, but then you start dreaming about it. (I may have a problem....)

10. Going to Starbucks and not being able to order a Cafe Latte...*sigh* happened last night to me. I had already made plans to meet a new friend there last week before I decided to do this fast...so Chamomile Tea I drank. (but had a great time with the friend, so much so, I forgot I wasn't drinking coffee...love that)

Ok, so there you have it. But I don't want to end this blog on the lows of fasting....I do love how I feel after about day 3..so I should be getting there soon. I feel healthier, cleaner, and seriously have more energy. The other great benefit for me is that it gets me back on track with God...I become more sensitive to His leading and guiding in my life.

So, have any of you fasted? What are your stories...
Do you have any good recipes that cover up the vegetable tastes? =)


A.L. Sonnichsen said...

I haven't done a long fast like this. And I haven't fasted in ages since I've been either pregnant or breastfeeding for sooo long (more than seven years continuously -- can you believe that?). So, what are the guidelines? You can drink vegetable juice, but not coffee? My sister did a long fast one time where all she drank was milk and water. I get low blood sugar when I skip a meal, so usually one meal becomes the extent of my fasting. *blush* I know, I'm not hard core. That's why I'm curious about the vegetable juice part. That might work ... But good job! I admire mothers who can fast. And for a whole week ... that's amazing!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Amy, you amaze me...7 years? You need a pat on the back!
Well, my friends are doing a 10 day one, but I'm only doing a 5 day. We have a guest coming this weekend and it is just a bit awkward, ya know?
I also struggle with low blood sugar, so I have to make sure I drink juice every 2-3 hours...I can tell a huge difference. I also drink a green tea in the morning. "Toxic Relief" by Don Colbert, MD is a good resource for short/long fasts.

btw, I forgot I actually have to other reasons...
1. Bathroom....have to go ALL the time!
2. Bad Breath...

Jenny said...

Oh, man...I always tell Ryan it would be so easy to eat less if I didn't have to cook for the kids. Then I wouldn't even have to have food in the house. And cleaning the juicer is exhausting when you have to do it daily or multi-times daily. Those are my 2 biggest setbacks. I've never had a long fast. I've tried, but I think I must have blood sugar issues, too.

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