Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WIP back at home

Well, it is Wednesday and I am not in the hospital. So thankful for that. But, being in the hospital I did get my WIP assignment 9 finished up and sent out to my instructor. Update on that is...I got it back this morning. Oh, getting critiqued is not my strongest point...especially before I have a cup of coffee. (Note to self: don't ever read critiqued material before a cup or two of coffee). Actually, it wasn't THAT bad. In fact, when I read it later with a cup of coffee in hand, what she suggested was like, "Duh, what was I thinking...that direction is so much better!" But, the great news is that she is willing to look at it one more time....a revision. Now, I have to cut it down from 800 words to 400....but, just today I did get it down to 550. So, I think I can rework it and have it polished by the deadline, May 15th. *sigh* So, this WIP is not really finished yet...but are any of them "finished" until they are actually published?

The Big thing I noticed in the hospital was how unorganized I was with my writing. I had brought the whole stack of papers, notebooks, and my laptop with me. It was a bit, Monday I spent some time just organizing and putting the short stories into folders to keep track of what I was doing with each. So, now I know where I am in the writing process with each project I've got going in my head...last tally was 11 short stories and 1 MG (which I will be working on like a crazy woman for the next few months (fingers crossed) for my final assignment).

Today, as you already know, I worked on cutting words....very hard to do! But, for something fun I entered some contests. A friend of mine won 4 tickets to go whale watching in Cali. They are there right now with their three very adorable kids taking a nice family vacation. I remember when she won thinking, "How hard is it to just enter?" But, it wasn't until my other friend over at The Green Bathtub posted some really good contests for writers that I stepped out and entered. So, here are the three that I entered today:

1. Susan Fields is celebrating her 100 Followers and is giving away gift certificates to Barnes and Nobel or Borders...your choice!

2. The Invisible Sister has returned from Ecuador and has really fab prizes from her trip as well as a book.

3. Then Lisa and Laura celebrate their 500 follower with a sister arm wrestling match with some awesome prizes!

So, check it all out if you have time.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I think cutting words gets easier with time. Saying that I wrote an article for MOSCBWI's newsletter and couldn't get it down to 500 words. I got it down to about 900 words, but I had cut 400 words and would have ruined the article if I cut anymore out...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Good luck on getting your revisions done and on the contests you entered. :) Susan and Amy are two of my critique partners...

Susan Fields said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest! Cutting words down is hard to do, but I think it's a good exercise that makes you really consider if each word is pulling it's weight. Whenever I write a short story with a word count, I realize I need to pay more attention to that in my longer stuff.

MaDonna Maurer said...

@Sharon...thanks for the words of wisdom. And thanks for stopping by here, too! Kind of new at all of this and totally getting hooked....addicted may be a better word. =)

@Susan No problem! Glad to mention your contest...great idea! Also, thanks for the encouraging words on cutting...I'm going to let it sit for a week now and see what I think after it takes a nap.

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