Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter That Almost Wasn't

I wrote a "poem" about our Easter this year. I say a poem because I know that it's not a classic...but as I was writing about it just seemed to come out in pose. It is corny to say the least, but sums it up pretty well.

I've struggled with thoughts of failure as a mom and a wife. Not having put up any decorations this year; not painting eggs with the kids; not doing the Easter things...and then not really planning Uwe's family party well.
I know, I know...."give myself some slack, I was in the hospital all week", "it's just one year there will be next year",
I think about how God did provide for my kids when I couldn't....the package coming in three days before Easter; Matthea getting released on Good Friday; all the meals that people provided for us; and the party that we had where my kids got to do all the "Easter things"...and then I smile. God is good.

It was two days before Easter and the hospital release was given.
Not an egg had been boiled, blown out...can't believe it.
The apartment was piled with laundry and dust.
No time for decorating, spring cleaning a must.

The children in bed dreaming of their chocolate stash.
Papa with visions of a big birthday bash.
Mama collapsing with so much to do.
No time, no energy, not even a clue.

Easter Morning arrived and the kids help with the plan.
Breakfast in bed, just the thing for our man.
Opa and Oma to the rescue this week.
Care package with Easter toys and treats.

Mama with two of the three still go
To church for the Easter Service so,
Papa and 'thea stayed home to fix
Boiled eggs for the party from 4-6.

An Easter Party with kids, yes Easter might be saved.
A story, dyed eggs, and a hunt for all ages.
Our children were clappen
Easter really did happen


katrina said...

Very sweet! And I can totally relate.

PS - You're not a failure, you're an inspiration. Seriously.

Marcy said...

Katrina is absolutely right--you are definitely not a failure but an inspiration! God is always in the details....thanks for the reminder!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks, you all are too sweet.

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