Monday, October 18, 2010

Homeschool: Ark, Apples, and Pumpkins (Repost)

OK, this is a reposting because my earlier post was blank...what is up with that? I know I was suppose to post this last week, but the week was shorter with Matthea having bronchitis and the weekend was a cleaning marathon. Love Hate thing in my life. Love the clean apartment, hate the cleaning...but until the cleaning fairy comes, I must do the dreaded chores...
But, this week we did do a few things. I tried to focus a bit more on the speech development. Many of you know that she is speaking more words, so I made some flashcards for her. I got them from this website and laminated them. We are working on first sounds /m/, /b/, and /p/.
For Bible we looked at Noah's Ark.  We built our own paper ark and hung it up on the wall.  We will be adding some animals to this as we begin to study various animals in the next few weeks. So this display will change a bit.
Gluing the ark together..I helped with placement.

Finished ark...notice the black spot on her nose...yes, permanent
marker from letting her draw the "nail" marks...Free Tip of the Day:
Toothpaste takes off permanent marker...
We've also been working on basic coloring skills, like coloring in the lines. I know, my artistic friends are flipping...I'm not constraining her, I promise. I give her lots of time to color however she likes.  But, coloring in the lines gives her the idea of making a recognizable picture.  We have started off with we made apples.

Here is what she gets...then as she gets better at coloring I
increase the size of the empty space.

Fast and Furious...

She LOVES showing off her work!
Another fun fall food is pumpkins! For some reason she loVes them! Her favorite movie right now is It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! So, to practice gluing and some pumpkin fun, we made pumpkin faces out of paper. I cut all the pieces and she glued them to her pumpkins.

Putting glue on the stem.

Guess what this is...we have a little bit of
personality, ya think?

Yes, it is a nose!

Two of the three pumpkins she finished...

Of course, we had to add them to our fall tree...
note the extra pumpkins were made by the kids
from previous years.
 And then as a surprise, my awesome husband brought home a little treat for me after a hard day at the hospital...did I mention he is the BEST? Cause, he is...
CHEESEcake from Barb's Bake Shop...if you are in Taipei and
part of the Bethany community, her cheesecake is the best in
Taipei.  She is making homemade goodies and selling them so
two of her daughters can participate in sports tournaments this
school year. (Note: her cheesecake does not come in heart shape,
nor with the berries...that is just my wonderful husband's addition).


Nevada said...

I love the pumpkins; I think I still have the one I made like that in kindergarten or whatever in a box at home. My mom used to take out all our 'fall' decorations for Halloween and hang them up.

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks Nevada! That is so funny, I think I have my old pumpkins too now that you wrote that. I should bring those back and add them to the collection...they'd be antiqued by now. LOL

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