Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homeschool: Milkshakes and Fingerpaint

I usually try to post on Friday afternoons what we've been doing in homeschool with Matthea. It is a way for others to see and to keep me accountable to actually doing something with her. So last week we did have a little bit of homeschooling even though we went on vacation for a few days and big brother had the entire week off.  One morning was spent with Papa going to the store to buy ingredients to make a pineapple milkshake.

Getting ready for her job....

....of putting in the pineapple chunks...
or should I say, squeezing the pineapple chunks into it. 

They had quite the mound going....

The blender startled her, but she loved watching it.

But, drinking it was the best part!
Then on Friday we started our Fall/Autumn unit. I read the Bible story about Adam and Eve and eating the fruit a.k.a. The Fall...(kind of funny, eh?). Anyway, afterwards I let her fingerprint an apple tree.

First, she glued the precut trunk onto paper.

Then she used green paint to make the leaves.

Then using hand over hand, I helped her make
small red circles that represented the apples.

Finished Apple Tree
Then, we went up to our apartment and got out the tree and leaves that we had made a few years back when Marcus was in Kindy...and I let her hang up the leaves.
She LOVED this! 

Our fall tree.  It is outside our apartment. It will
continue to change as we study pumpkins and
scarecrows these next few weeks. So, you WILL see
this tree a few more times. =) 

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Jennifer Chau said...

Beautiful tree and lovelier girl!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks Jennifer!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

So sweet. Good job, Mom! You are so creative. I am so impressed. :)


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