Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sun Moon Lake

We are back from our mini-vacation.  We started our trip in Taichung...well, can I say that since Uwe had meetings there? Hmm, I think the kids would say "YES" because they spent most of the time at the pool on campus.
From there we traveled to Sun Moon Lake, where we camped for one night. It is a pretty lake, but too commercialized. It is a top destination for the mainland Chinese, so enough said.
Here are some pics from that time....

Our campsite was right on the lake.
After the tent was set up we headed on a walk along the path into the little village night market where we tried some..
 Wild Black Boar.
and some ice-cream...

It was really yummy.

Megan entertained herself with rock jumping. 
And all the kids enjoyed throwing rocks. Guess this one was
a bit big, huh? 

Back to rock throwing the next morning. Had to get that
last bit of tossing before we headed out.

So, here is my take on the whole Sun Moon Lake was nice, but one day and one time is enough. I hope I'm not too harsh, but there were too many people walking by on the path and stopping to tour the foreigners camping by the lake. Maybe a hotel would have been better...but what fun is that?

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