Monday, October 25, 2010

When Three Halves Make a Whole

We've been watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" recently. We've never watched it before. I'd heard of people chatting about it on various social medias a few years back. But, I live overseas and it is just now airing...I'm not even sure what season this is.  I do know that, sadly, they are split now.
But yesterday's episode reminded me of our family a bit. One of the older daughters proudly shouted, "I and Daddy are the only Asians in the family."  I cracked up because, well, all eight of those kids are Asian.  But, it reminded me of some family moments...
1. When Marcus was 3 he was convinced that he had black hair and brown eyes.  This belief did not change until he was probably 5.  He would argue with us daily.  By the way, he was totally blond hair with green eyes...

2. He also has informed us in the past that he is half American, half German, and half Chinese.  I know, I know...his math is a little off...but here is where he gets it.... I'm from the US, Uwe is German, and Marcus was born in Beijing and has lived in Asia his entire life.  Now that he is older he just says he's part German, part American, part's a TCK thing.Go here or here to learn more about Third Culture Kids.

3.  Megan, my youngest, is now telling us the same. By the way, she is adopted from mainland China.

4. And then just this morning Meg tells me that her skin is white!  I cracked up because well, it's NOT.  Just a year ago she figured out that she was Chinese...or at least that the Chinese had the same hair color that she did. You can read about that here from an older post.

And just for fun, here is a fairly recent pic of my half German, half American, half Chinese crew....again, it's a TCK thing...

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Wendy Paine Miller said...

Cute family. The way I see it, we are all a mixture of a lot of histories, identities, generations...

Once I had to explain to my one daughter that my other daughter wasn't black. I love the minds of children.

Cute post.
~ Wendy

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks Wendy! THAT is so funny about your truly crack me up with the things they say and think.

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