Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

I know most people do a Weekly Wrapup, but this weekend just needs to posted about.  First, the hospital visit for Matthea.  If you didn't read the last post, Matthea has a feeding tube and we were going Saturday to see if she was ready to have it removed.  Well, we saw a doctor who agreed that it was time and told us that we'd probably need surgery and referred us to the surgeon. We saw the surgeon on the same day...btw, can you believe THAT?  Amazing I know...just across the waiting room from the doctor. Anyway, more amazing things to come. The surgeon took a look at her sight and told us that she probably would NOT need surgery.  Yes, you read that I took out the last feeding tube EVER from my daughter and she threw it in the trash herself!  We didn't have a camera...we had no idea that Saturday was going to be the DAY!  We do have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wed. to make sure the sight is healing correctly. If all looks good...we are cleared!
So, for a last minute unplanned celebration, we walked in the drizzle (which we could care less that we had no umbrella) to TGI Fridays and went crazy with food orders!  There WILL be a planned party at our house later after we get the cleared checkup and I'm even going to have a Celebration Giveaway to celebrate as well. More details to come!

Can't top off that, now can I?  So, I won't....I'll just add some pics of other things we did this weekend for fun.
Listened to The Pond for a few hours. We have their cassettes.
I know, cassettes? Yes, we got them free from a library that
was upgrading...

Built a scarecrow together..well, minus Matthea.
She was Scared.To. Death.

Made a pumpkin jar craft together. Matthea tearing paper.

Final product. Got the idea from here.


Basnett 4 said...

Praise God! Glad to hear the feeding tubes are done and what a miracle it was to have the surgery the same day. We anticipate the good news celebration on Wednesday! Funny that you listen to "The Pond" on casette. :) We have several of the audio CDs, but we ripped them to iTunes and left the CDs in storage back in the U.S. Do you have an ipod? If so we could put them on there for you. I also think we have a few of the DVDs of the Pond if you want to borrow them sometime.

TaiwanMama said...

Praise the Lord! Rejoicing with you over this long-awaited goal. Yeah!

Vergil and Kathy said...

YEH and a double YEH!! What a fabulous outcome!! Watch out world, Matthea is coming!!

Vergil and Kathy

katrina said...

So happy to hear Matthea's (and your) wonderful news!! Amazing stuff!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Basnetts...would love that..I'll have Marcus bring it down sometime. There's a DVD? Got to see that!

Thanks TaiwanMama, it has been a long time!

Vergil and time in the US, she will really be eating with us at the table. =)

Thanks Katrina! Blown away, Amazing!

Teecy said...

That is amazing!! So excited! Love these updates!

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