Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WiP...and Lessons Learned this Week

L-Wip: (Life Work in Progress):
Don't you love it when you read a passage of scripture and you know it was exactly what you needed to hear at that time in your life? Sometimes it is encouraging, other times it is convicting. For me, Monday's Bible reading was both. I was reading Isaiah 58:6-12. Here's what I learned...
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1. Give up being oppressed...or my case feeling oppressed. (v. 9) I get down with feeling trapped in Holland. Click here for the inside story. I don't want that so I must choose to give that to the Lord.
2. Stop "pointing the finger"(v. 9).  This one is probably because I feel like I'm doing it all alone. That my husband is too busy or whatever to help out. Whatever...LIES! He helps A.Lot! He really does. Self pity is just plain U.G.L.Y.

3. Don't "turn away from your own flesh and blood" (v. 7). Don't worry, I'm not running away or anything crazy like that. But, what caught me is that when I'm pointing my finger, when I'm feeling trapped in Holland that I'm in a way turning away from my own flesh and family. Selfishness is also an ugly thing, eh?
But there is's the encouragement part, thank goodness!
When I do the above...
1.The Lord will guide me. (v.11) "Boy, do I need guidance!"
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2. My needs will be satisfied. (v.11). "Needs, MaDonna, not your wants..."
3. My favorite: My frame will be strengthened. (v.11) I don't think this means I'll become a body builder with a sculpted body. Although, that doesn't sound to bad as I sit here eating a chocolate cookie late at night. No, I believe that it is talking about the character of the person, strong in their faith and stance. 

WiP: (Work in Progress):
1. I got my chapter critique back from my instructor. Very good stuff, of course! I have some work to do, but all good. I'm gonna put this project on hold until after February because of #2 below.
2. I have completed nine picture book drafts for the Picture Book Marathon.
3. I entered the first line contest at Brenda Drake's site and got some great feedback from other's doing the On a Dark and Stormy Night Blogfest. This was my first contest of this kind. Lots of fun and insightful! Win! Win!

Questions for you:
1. What have you learned this week?
2. Doing the PBM? How many book drafts have you completed?  Jia you! (Chinese phrase that has the meaning, You can do it! Keep Going!, but literally means, Add oil)
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irishoma said...

Hi MaDonna,
Thanks for the uplifting post. Hmm. What I've learned this week: make the best with what I've been given and share with others.
Donna V.

Renee Ann said...

It's amazing how self-pity can creep in and take over. These verses are good reminders. I enjoyed reading through your blog. I'll be back! Blessings!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Jia you, MaDonna! Sounds like you're puffing away at the Picture Book Marathon. You'll have a lot to show for it at the end. That's wonderful.

Your epiphany moments here in this post are so insightful. Hang in there, my friend. May your frame be strengthened this week!


MaDonna Maurer said...

Donna, so true. I read a quote this week that goes right along with what you said about giving. "We all have something to give even if we're broke or broken." ~Kelly Minter
Thanks for stopping by!

Renee - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and having a look! Blessings to you, too!

Amy, you are such a dear friend. Thanks for the encouraging words. Lots more I could've said from those verses, but maybe next week. God is just doing some amazingly scary things in my's all good, but Security was definitely my word for this year. Wowsie!

Adeeva Afsheen said...

Banned complain !! Complaining only causes life and mind become more severe. Enjoy the rhythm of the problems faced. No matter ga life, not a problem not learn, so enjoy it :)

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