Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's QBR

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Happy Chinese New Year! Tomorrow night (midnight to be exact)the fireworks will be going off and I'll be doing two things.
1. Praying it doesn't wake up my kids
2. Watching them either from my rooftop or on the TV. (every year Taipei has a great display at 101)

But, today is Tuesday and I have two book reviews for you this week.
1. Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret
goodreads Description:
A unique story of separated twins and the unexpected consequences of their reunion.
Sunny Skyland longs to be reunited with her twin sister, Starr. With only an old photograph, taken a few days before the girls were separated at age three, to guide her, Sunny begins the cross-country journey that she has dreamed of during her ten years in various foster homes. Sunny manages to locate her twin, only to be faced with a whole new challenge.

My Take:
I thought the storyline was good. And the adventure of the cross-country trip kept my attention, especially the twists and turns when she gets to her destination. I felt that over all the book was good. I just didn't like the ending. Spoiler Alert: The whole "I'll write a book about my summer and call it Runaway Twin" was a little over the top as dull. That's just me though.

2. Leepike Ridge by N.D. Wilson
goodreads Description:
ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD THOMAS HAMMOND has always lived next to Leepike Ridge. He never imagined he might end up lost beneath it! What Tom finds underground will answer questions he hadn’t known to ask and change his life forever.

And from the jacket flap (which I think sums it up really well):
An original mix of 'Robinson Crusoe', 'King Solomon's Mines', 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer', and 'The Odyssey', N.D. Wilson's first book for young readers is a remarkable adventure, a journey through the dark of the grave and back out into the light.

My Take:
I have to admit I thought the first chapter was slow. If I hadn't been reading this for the library, I might not have finished it. But, I'm glad that I did. The second chapter picked up and it kept going from there with adventure. It was quite good. My first thought was that boys would love the adventure of survival.  And it really did remind me of the books mentioned above.

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