Wednesday, February 2, 2011


L-Wip: (Life Work in Progress):
Friends. Those people you can rely on no matter what your mood is at the moment.  Those people who love you no matter how weird or obnoxious you are.  Those who are not afraid to say something to help you improve or push you towards godliness. Those people in my life are precious.
Having moved every few years, and living in an expat world where everyone seems to move every few years, I have made many friends. Some of those relationships had depth at the time, but with distance and time, the friendship could seem nonexistent. But, I'd say that nine out of ten times when I have an opportunity to visit with one of those friends of the past, there's ALWAYS a quick reconnection and the relationship is just as deep. I marvel at this phenomena every single time.
So, what does this have to do with my work in progress?  Friends have always helped me during times of hardship and rejoiced with me during times of celebration. That's what friends are for, right? Well, this past month I've reconnected via email with my nine (yes, NINE) dear friends from college. (OK, only 8 have been "chatting" b/c one seems to be AWOL....oh, where is the "Woodchuck"?)
Yeah, I know you all had great college/high school friends that hung out and did things together. So, maybe this group isn't that "special", but they are to me. We gave our little group a name back in the day....Homelanders. Why? I don't remember? But here are some fast facts about us (don't worry Girls, nothing personal).
1. Group lived in Beasley on 3E...only one lived on 3W. (we still love her)
2. It all started with a wing sing and prayer time. Once a week we got together and sang and prayed together. It was that simple.
3. Now only 3 live in the same state.
4. We are all SO different from each other. I'm not joking...very different, yet something keeps us together. Which we all know is God.
5. Without them and their example as godly women, I don't think I'd be where I am today.

WiP: (Work in Progress)
*sighing* got those two chapters edited and revised and rewritten AND emailed out to my instructor. I'm just now waiting for her response. I'm now officially finished with the course. *throws confetti and dances*
I entered the Picture Book Marathon running this month and I've written two different drafts.  Thank goodness they only have to be rough drafts because mine are really rough, but they are complete. So, for this next week I must continue to write at least one picture book story every day.  But, I have all my ideas from my list that I made back in November. So glad I did the PiBoIdMo back then. Very helpful, indeed.

So, it's your turn. Do you have any special friends?  Did you have a group name?
And for any of you Homelanders reading this....why did we name ourselves this name? I like it, I just couldn't remember for the life of me why.
Maybe I'll loose my mind before I'm 70....there is a story behind that from an experience this week...but I'll post about that tomorrow.


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Just read through your bio and see we have some similarities. I feel really strongly about extending dignity to the marginalized with my writing. My first book is about a dyslexic girl who struggles at a time her disability would have been completely understood.

All the best with your writing!

Adeeva Afsheen said...

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