Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Marriage Tester

If you ever think "Oh, my spouse and I are doing great! We get along just like we did when we were that honeymoon stage...."
Watch out! A marriage tester is coming your way...

For us, it was over Chinese New Year vacation. The whole week was rainy and cold!
So, we thought "Let's be productive and paint the apartment with some fun colors to bring life to this dead looking week."
First, we are two people with two different opinions about colors. So, picking out colors was just the beginning....but then throwing in 3 children that were cabin fever into the mix AND taking all of us to the "Home Depot" type store just seemed to add more....well, what can I say that is positive...."added more color" to life. (I know corny, but hey it's all I could come up with today)

We both agreed on a blue/yellow combo; and that we all needed some ice-cream to cool off the tempers. Thank goodness McD's is located on the first floor of the shopping Center!

Thought life would be easier after the paint color decision...HA!
People have different painting strategies? Who knew? I sure didn't....apparently we have never painted together before, so I was clueless about this insight. And then again, those three wild jungle animals ready to climb up and over the walls were ecstatic about paint...they sure didn't help.
So, after we survived the painting we rearranged the furniture. We switched the living and dining rooms, Marcus' room was rearranged, and the guest room was rearranged as well.

After all was finished Sat., two days before Uwe had to start back to work, we were able to sit back and enjoy the "new" place. Really enjoy it as a couple married and "in love" once again.

So, if you want to test your marriage for fun, try painting or renovating your own place....would love to hear your stories.

This picture doesn't show the true colors. The blue is brighter and the yellow is not so bright...but the best pic I have. We think of it as our beach get-away or our Greek get-away.


Lil Eskimo said...

i really like!! i love to paint!!

MaDonna Maurer said...

But, do you like to do it with your hubby? I love to paint too...and I think now I can say I like it with Uwe as well...just took some communicating with each other and compromising on how to do it. LOL

Nevada said...

We definitely DO NOT paint together. And I'm not sure our marriage will survive many more moves, or IKEA assembly. Ugg, IEKA assembly.

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