Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Night in the ER

I spent the night in the ER last night.
It was about 10USD.
Cheap, but not recommended if you want a good nights sleep when visiting Taipei.

Kids screaming as blood is being drawn. My daughter won hands down for the best scream last night. Too bad there wasn't any prizes for that!

Hard beds. More like a cot, but I made Matthea share it with me. I put the side rail up and slept hard for 2 hours.

Great wake up service, that is if you like to be awakened for special events....like temperature takes, blood drawn, or just random acts like turning on all the lights in the room, then turning them off.

Checkout service is lunch time, but they do upgrade you to a quieter room for those that need a little more TLC. And this ER provided an ambulance to drive us to our new location. OK, that was the winner in our book...Marcus included!

The upgrade is definitely better. The screaming kids are sleeping....mine included. The beds are softer and BIGGER. Yeah for me.

The personal attendant (night nurse) likes her job...meaning, she's nice and quiet when she comes in.

And the view...well, we do have the window bed and on the 12th Floor. So, if tomorrow is a clear day, we will have an awesome view of Taipei and the mountains that outskirt the city. If the sky isn't so clear....well, we will get to see a great view of Taipei.

I've been thinking about writing a short story about a middle school boy spending the night in the ER. His thoughts on it and how uncool it is b/c he was there for pneumonia...not even a broken arm from playing hockey or some other extreme sport. I probably won't put it on the blog because I just might submit it....I love it when experiences in my life inspire stories in my head....that is what I did last night while in the ER room....I "wrote" that story in my head and longed for pen and paper or a laptop.
So, now that I have a laptop and it is quiet. I believe that is just what I'll do....write. that. story.


A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Writing is therapeutic. I am so impressed with your ability to find joy and even humor in these extreme and uncomfortable circumstances. God is good. And yay for laptops! How did we ever live without them?

Amy xoxo

MaDonna Maurer said...

Amy, we just "bought" this one 2 days before coming to the hospital. Old friend gave us money to buy one for Uwe's mom, so they could keep in touch on skype...I get to use for the next few months, so that 1)make sure it works properly before taking it to her and 2)can honestly say it is "used" and not pay a hefty tax at the German border for it. =) Now, that I've "got" one...will HAVE to get one when we get back from Germany this summer. =)
Oh, and the joy and humor...totally a defense mechanism against stress. Something I do to keep me sane (or at least half sane). =)

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