Monday, March 22, 2010


Last week I was introduced to an amazing lady with an amazing's my story about her.

Rachel mechanically shuffles into the room being led by her elderly mother. Not the typical couple in this lobby of racing children looking for their parents after school. But, the couple is not bothered by the chaos, nor do they tend to be bothered by the quick glances their way. In fact, they look overjoyed.

The woman, stiff from her debilitating disease, smiles crookedly.

Why the smile? Did she remember the time before her disease, Wilson's Disease, took over all control of her movements? Did she recall the days gone by when the wind from running would rush through her long black hair? Going to school and running to her own mother with her backpack slung over her shoulder? Or did she just simply enjoy watching children be children?

You see, Rachel grew up like most children. Very happy and quite active. She played the piano, she was in the school plays, she ran and walked and ate like most children. She went to college and during her Senior year she began to show symptoms. Her symptoms became worse....she could no longer swallow food, talk, or even walk. At one point she went feeling. She had to leave her college and stay at the hospital for tests, procedures, treatments.

Her life changed.

Rachel was not a Christian and neither was her mom. But, God had a plan....He always has a plan. Through prayer of a Christian friend, Rachel's numbness went away. From that miracle onward, she knew that:
1) there is a God
2) He is bigger than this disease
3) He cares for and loves her

Her life changed once again.

From that point on, she has had hope. She's seen progress in miraculous ways. She's now walking, talking, and eating by mouth.
To answer my previous question about why she smiled- I believe my friend, Rachel, did the latter. She just enjoyed watching children be children. I believe that because that is her personality. She may not be able to walk very well, she may not talk the clearest, and she may not even be able to control all of her movements...but I know for a fact she doesn't focus on the past....she focuses on the future. Not what she had, what she could do, or even what she is missing out on this day. No, her focus is on the future...her hope and her love for the Lord.