Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok, I copied this from a great friend and she also happens to be a great writer! I've been following her blog The Green Bathtub for quite some time and have been really encouraged by her WIP.

So, what is WIP? As you might guess from the cute logo...it simply is a day where I share where I am at in my writing. I might actually share the entire story, if I don't plan on trying to get it published. But, I will also share the plot and let you know what I am doing. This WIP is to keep me going forward. If I want to really be published some day I need to stay focused. And in doing a weekly writing update I think I just might get it done.

So today I received the "OK" from my dear friend and just realized that today is Wednesday...so here it goes.

I am currently a student of Institute of Children's Literature. This has been so very helpful in pushing me to write. I can honestly say, I've developed in my writing skills. I have one teacher who reads my work and critiques it quite well. I think I can safely describe her more like an editor. I am currently on Assignment 9 of 10, so I'm almost a graduate!
This assignment is a short story titled "Mei Mei". It is about Tim whose parents bring home a little sister from China. He is excited to be the older brother, but seems to always do the wrong thing. By the end of the week he is bummed. Will he ever become a great big brother?

I will not post the story here, as I plan to submit it to a children's magazine. I still have a bit of tweaking to do before it is ready for my teacher to critique. But, I will keep you updated as to what happens to it in the future.

I have a few other pieces going, but will "talk" about them next week.