Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surprised by Lunch!

I seriously try not to eat at the fast foods places, but yesterday I was intrigued by the new fish sandwich. (Note I don't read characters well) The picture was fresh looking...lettuce, cucumber, fish...appetizing to one who had just finished shopping with her tired daughter. So, I ordered one.

My first bite was really good, fresh lettuce.
The second was a bit off. But, just ignored that.
The third almost killed my nose. The sauce on the sandwich was wasabi....
I like wasabi in small doses and when I'm expecting it. But, an unexpected dollop well, that is just not so great. I couldn't grab my Coke Zero fast enough....
Of course, Matthea got a good laugh at me with my watery eyes chugging down some relief.

So, lesson I've learned once again....always ask what exactly you are ordering before you eat it. Why can't I ever learn this one simple little lesson? (Or maybe I just need to restart language school again and refresh those long forgotten characters....)

Hint....I've done things like this many a times while living in Asia.

I couldn't find a picture of this sandwich, but thought you might like to see some other interesting food choices from the fast food chains here in Taiwan:

Yes, this is Kimchi on a rice bun....

See full size image Chicken Nuggets Sauces: Wasabi....

These are Egg Tarts....and I LOVE these little guys.

These are just a few, but you can always get the Asian flare at the fast food chains.
It is just a little reminder that even though I walk through the doors of an American fast food chain;
I'm still in Asia. Oh, and it just doesn't happen at the fast food chains....the restaurants, too!


katrina said...

As I was waiting for Paul and Hans to finish up at Costco today I was killing time playing on my phone. I happened to see the title of your post on facebook and a small picture. I didn't read it all, but figured it if were blog worthy, it probably wasn't a good sandwich.

Sleep well tonight knowing you saved another unsuspecting English speaker from the wasabi burn! I went there for lunch today and I always get the fish. That picture did look appetizing but I followed my gut after seeing your blog title and stuck with the original!

a very big THANK YOU. :o)

lindiepindie said...

We tried rice burger at Mosburger last summer. It was REALLY good! I'm not a fan of kimchi, so that would have been bad, but the rice bun? Brilliant. And fun!

Blech to wasabi!

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