Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review, WiP, and VACA

Book Reviews:
OK, so here it is...I actually finished reading a few books this week.  But only one was on my FitG list.  The other two are books that I pre-read for my son's school library.  I'm helping them read through the new chapter books to help them determine which category they should go in.
For the school, I read Report to the Principal's Office! by Jerry Spinelli and Help! I'm Trapped in Obedience School" by Todd Strasser.  I'd have to say, they are both just ok books. Not page turners or anything, but both a fun read.  My husband is a principal, so I'm always curious how authors portray them. In this book, the principal is new at a brand new middle school.  He starts a lunch group with four very different personalities from the sixth grade class. You read as these four change and help each other out and eventually become friends.
Todd Strasser's book is not as well developed, I feel. Three guys hang out as friends, but you see them argue a lot. Jake takes them to see an experiment that their science teacher has been working on.  One of the boys hits the switch and causes the other boy to change places with the Lab puppy.  The other two have to hide this fact and get them changed back before his parents return.  It has some interesting twists that do keep you wondering at the end. These are definitely middle grade books and I think that kids of that age would have a quick fun read with them.
I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane to my nine year old son.  I always read a chapter or two from a book before bed. He was a bit annoyed with me that I had chosen this "bunny kid book" to read. But, he loved it and so did I. If you want to read the rest of the review click here.

I'll start with the hard thing...rejection letter. Yep, got one for my magazine article. That's ok, I'm sending it onto the next magazine on my list and we'll see from there.  But this letter made me wonder if this story should be a picture book instead....time and other rejection letters will tell. I refuse to be down about it...will just try a different path.
As for good news...I got a good critique back from my synopsis outline. Did my instructor say it was wonderful and perfect? NO, (are you kidding?).  But, she did give me some really good and brilliant advise. And the best news is that it isn't a flop...my idea is good, just needs some fine tuning and character development. YEAH, I'm so ready to start the writing of it....this is my first, so here's for the long haul...

Ya, I know, we just had summer vacation. But here in Taiwan, we get a fall vacation over their National Day. And it's a week.
So, we are camping.
In a tent.
Two nights.
Two locations.
With three kids.
In the mountains.
Taking our bikes...
Here's to an adventure...(or maybe a nightmare...HAHA!)

So, with that, I won't be posting until we get back...and I won't be working on my WIP (well, maybe I'll take along the laptop)...but I will be reading, so hopefully, I'll be knocking out some more of my fitG list.
If you want a sneak preview of where we are going...here is one of the places....my favorite so far...Taroko Gorge.
Taken a few years ago.

Until next week...