Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's TGC

1. Rachelle takes ordinary objects and turns them into something useful. Check out this gift box with homemade stationary that she made from a Mary Kaye box. Really fun looking and resourceful, too!
2. Casey's Tip #73 is so worth your time if you are writing and are stumped by lack of research or lack of right wording. Click here for a great idea.
3. And my top tip this week is from CAMarshall.  She shows you how to format a manuscript with a checklist.  Click here for a very clear how to do it post.
1. This really isn't a giveaway, but then again it is. Make your own Advent Tree Calendar.  Asiaramblin has shared her secrets on how she made theirs. You can check it out here. I'm so excited because I fell in love with it when she posted pictures of it at Christmas!
1. Brenda Drake is holding a blogfest contest. Submit your first line of your ms.  Here's what she says, "Hey guys, come join in on the fun for my It was a Dark and Stormy Blogfest Contest. The fabulous agent Weronika Janczuk from D4EO Literary Agency will be handing out prizes!"  Click here for all the details and prizes.

2. A.L. Sonnichsen posted about some really great opportunities.  Picture Book Marathon and Dear Editor's substantive free edit.  Click  here for for more details.

And this week I won the book You Were Made to Make a Difference from Jenna Lucado on Michael Hyatt's blog. Can't wait to read it.


p&k said...

Hey, the Advent Calendar post IS definitely free for the taking--I'm so glad that you plan to use it, MD!

We're actually officially giving away free stuff next week too . . . but it's not so literary in nature . . . but it is free! :)

MaDonna Maurer said...

I'll be posting that next week...I was waiting for all the details....but should have posted some of your prizes to get people over there. Maybe they'll "run into it" as they view the Advent Calendar.

Thanks again for posting that. I'm SO excited!

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