Thursday, January 20, 2011

Homeschool Wrap Up....Letters

Ahh, one of those weeks where there is so much going on that homeschool sort of happened, but not like I had planned. Go figure.
But, some great news is this:
1. Jie Jie's ST will now be weekly. Half hour individual and half hour with another student. So, double happiness for us. 1. ST an hour long each week and 2. She has a classmate once a week.

2. She has started "reading".  Ms. Jones has been working on the word "go". We have a little book that we practice reading together.  It is fun to watch her realize that the letters on the page are words.

I also want to share another resource that we've been using to help with letter recognition and matching lowercase letters with uppercase letters.  These both come from Musings of Me, which is where I got last week's resources from as well.  Can't say enough about her units and how grateful I am to be able to get them for FREE!
Sorting letters...

Matching...and I'm not sure why this picture
did this. Sorry about it.
And now to plan Mei Mei's birthday painting party for tomorrow...she turned 6 last Monday.