Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday TGC


  1.  As you know from yesterday's post I want to work on making time to allow growth in my life.  Katie had some good ideas about how to manage your time on her site Wonderland Homeschool. It is mainly for homeschooling parents, but I think there are some ideas that gear towards all.  For me, internet eats away my time and this post brought that to my attention. So, if you dare to read click here
  2. And for those writers out there, Kristi Holl had a good post, "What's Holding You Back?". Again, this is geared towards writers, but I think anyone can relate. What kind of fears do you have that keep you from doing what you love to do? For me, I fear of what others think. Just posting a blog like this is a huge step for me...So, if you want to read more about this click on Writer's First Aide.


  1.  Mark T. Mustian is giving away his new book titled The Gendarma. He also has some great tips for published authors or for us that are on that road. Something to put in our back pockets to remember later. Giveaway details can be found here.
  2. And for those educational people, Mama-Jenn is giving away her Educational Cubes. For more details on what those are and on the giveaway click here.
  1. Only one that I saw this week. C. Hope Clark posted it on her site. Tweet Me a Story. Can you write a story in 140 characters or less?  Interesting challenge I must say....not one that I'm up for at the moment. But, if you are click here.
I'm giving you two freebie sites that I think are kind of fun.
  1. Mary Vee's site God Loves Kids is full of great stories based on Bible stories.  And this year she is taking every Monday to devote to missionaries with her series, Missionary Adventures. This month is devoted to China with Gladys Aylward. Click here to start reading her exciting adventure or to read it out loud to your kids.
  2. Totally Tots has a new feature called Tots on a Mission. This week the focus is on Kenya. Tara gives a free worksheet with facts, coloring, and points to pray about.  I really like Totally Tots. I get most of my ideas for teaching Jie Jie on this site or its sister sites. 
Okay, that wraps up this Thursday. Hope there was something there that you could use, enjoy, or maybe even win. =)
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