Friday, March 11, 2011

Homeschool Wrap Up....Gotta Love Dr. Seuss

This week we looked at some Dr. Seuss' books.  I was surprised how much Jie Jie liked them. She has been requesting me to read them, which is such a nice change from normal ones she requests. =)
1. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back:
We read this book and she laughed through the whole thing. It has become her favorite for sure.  The activity that we did with this book was make Cat in the Hat's Hat.  To start I had her cut strips of red paper and glue them onto white paper. Then we glued the white and red stripped paper to a toilet paper roll. Afterwards, I cut out a white circle and stapled it to the bottom of the TP roll to make the brim.
I held the paper and she cut the strips. No one got
cut. That is always a plus. =) Here she is gluing
the strips to the white paper.
Jie Jie with her book and hat. She was quite proud
of this creation of hers. 


2. My Many Colored Days
This was the other book that we looked at this week and did an activity with.  Mei Mei joined in on this activity. I read the story to them and we talked about what makes us feel happy, sad, mad, quiet, etc. It was insightful to hear Mei Mei's responses.  Afterwards we started their own book of colored days. One page says "On (insert color) days I feel like....   They glued a pre-cut colored footprints to this page.  Then on the other page they drew pictures to show what made them feel that color. I then finished the sentence with what they drew. We used the book to look at for inspiration. 
They will finish those on Saturday and I will insert the pages into a binder that has plastic pages to protect their work. Pictures below are some sample work that they did. On both pictures, the top two pages are Jie Jie's and the bottom two are Mei Mei's. 
Note: I wrote what they told me to write....

I also played some online Dr. Seuss games with Jie Jie.  PBS has a great kids online site for games and coloring. Click here for the Dr. Suess site.
In the past Jie Jie has been afraid of online games because the noise, the sudden pop-ups, etc. But, this time she loved it. I'm now looking into buying her a one-click mouse so that she can play the games by herself.

Just wanted to let you all know that we were not affected by the tsunami that hit Japan. No damage to our little island. Please pray with us though, for those who are in Japan. I am still in shock from the pictures they are showing.

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