Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WiP....Emergency Preparations

I know we've all been anxiously watching the news about Japan.  We've felt the terror of seeing the destruction of the earthquake and then later the tsunami's viscous waves racing through villages taking everything with it. It really is heart-wrenching to watch and hear about all the lives lost from this horrible disaster.  But, what can we do? A friend of mine wrote a great blog today about just that. Click here to read more.

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Last night my husband asked me how our Emergency Supply was. Yep, we used to have one of those. It was on the top shelf, but about a year ago we started eating the food before the expiration date expired. And I didn't get it restocked. So, guess what I'm doing this week. Yep, restocking it. So, I thought I'd share with you our list of supplies that we put on our shelf.

1. Water:  3 days worth per person.
2. Canned food: I'll probably put some canned fruit and veges up there, tuna, spaghetti noodles and sauce
3. Fun snack food for the kids: Seaweed packs (yes, my kids LOVE these), bits of wrapped candy, etc.

Available and easy to get to:
4. First Aide Kit
5. Hot Pot Burner plus extra gas cans: This is like a camping stove that requires little gas cans to ignite. We use it for camping all the time.
6. Flashlights with extra batteries.
7. Passports and other identification/travel documents

If you don't have an Emergency Supply I highly recommend having at least some water stored. I'm not a paranoid person, but living on an island that has earthquakes quite often (like every few days) I feel I should be prepared for my family.
If you want more ideas of what to put on your shelf click here and here. These two sites are helpful.
If you are a fact nut, Taiwan has had 25 earthquakes this year so far. You can check them out here to see where they were and the magnitude of them. And for those of you worried about our family from that fact....I think I've only felt one of those 25 if any at all. So, no need to worry. =)

And remember: Pray for the Japanese and those living in Japan today!

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