Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's in Taiwan: Welcome!

Welcome to Taiwan! Every Thursday I am inviting you to the island I call home these days. I'll post about places to visit, sites to see, foods you can find, and other tidbits from the beaches, the mountains, and the cities. So, to start off this new series, I offer you a refreshing drink!

Taiwan is known for their "Bubble Tea".  The most famous one is the Pearl Milk Tea. It is basically red tea with milk and sugar with glutenous rice balls.   

My favorite tea is the passion fruit green tea with coconut jellies. If you are curious about what passion fruit is, my blogging friend Sharon just returned from the Dominican Republic and she has a picture of one. Click here to see one, plus some great pictures from another exotic getaway. 

But, I can't just offer you a drink. Here is a little treat to go for ya as well. 
You just gotta love the creative flair!

Panda Bear Bread
So, what is your favorite exotic drink?