Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's QBR...truly a book for boys

100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne
I think the title pretty much sums up what the book is about. It looks at nature and "foods" that humans eat around the world.

My Take:
This book is for people who laugh at the gross and the disgusting. I imagine the boys at school will all be checking this book out. It isn't a long book, in fact it is quite thin. I couldn't read it in large chunks though, because of the details. But, I did find it very interesting and I learned a few things from the "Top Tips" bar on each item.
I love that each item also has a "Yuck Factor" rating.  It was fun to see if my rating was the same as the authors...sometimes they were the same and sometimes not. But, as she says many times over in the book, what may seem odd and repulsive to one person may seem a delicacy to a different person.  It all depends on the culture.

*I pre-read this book for the school library.