Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's QBR...A Boy at War Trilogy


Boy at War Trilogy by Harry Mazer
goodreads Description:
A Boy at War
While fishing with his friends off Honolulu on December 7, 1941, teenager Adam gets caught in the middle of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In the following days, Adam tries to find his father, a naval officer who was serving on the U.S.S. Arizona when the bombs fell.
A Boy No More
Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Adam and his family are evacuated from Hawaii to California. There he discovers that his Japanese-American friend's dad is being held at an internment camp. Can Adam help his friend find his father?
Heroes Don't Run
To honor his father, who died during the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, 17-year-old Adam Pelko eagerly enlists in the Marines, survives boot camp, and faces combat on the tiny island of Okinawa. The thrilling conclusion of Harry Mazer's World War II saga proves once and for all that Adam is no longer a boy, and that at last he is truly worthy of the Pelko name.
Set against the backdrop of real wartime events, and packed with realistic detail, Harry Mazer's World War II odyssey is perfect for reluctant readers and fans of historical fiction. 

My Take:
I really thought these books were great. 
1. They are short and great for reluctant readers to read a bit about WWII from a teenagers perspective.  
2. Loved that the main character, Adam, was a TCK (third culture kid). He fit that description from book one all the way to book three.  In book one his new teacher asked the dreaded question, "Where are you from?"  Classic question for a TCK, ya think?
3. Language was clean. I've read some other war books that tended to be heavy on the bad language. I understand that sometimes it just goes with the setting and the times, but I appreciate that Mr. Mazer chose not to add it to his books. It helps the books stay on the bookshelves of the younger audience, which is a win for my son in the near future. He's not quite in the MG reading, but will be there soon!