Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bath: Part 10: Stonehenge

We took a drive in our little car to see Stonehenge.  The plan was to drive out there, have a picnic, drive a different route back and stop at other little villages and just be spontaneous. Hmm, rain shot those plans out the window.  But, it didn't stop us. We packed a picnic in hopes that the drizzle would just disappear. Well, it didn't...of course, it's England! And just like a dopey tourist, we didn't have umbrellas. That still didn't stop us...when we got there the drizzle had let up, so we jumped out and got our tickets. Free audios, again....Marcus loved those things (he is so much like me in that way).  About half way through the exhibit the drizzle turned into a heavier rain...we had to rush the last part so we wouldn't get drenched and sick.  But, we did get some fun enjoy.
Family Photo Op

Fact #1:
Each standing stone as a notch in it, so the top stones won't slip.
Fact #2:
About a third of each stone is buried underground.
Fact #3:
Those are my two favorite guys on the planet.
During the downpour we hid ourselves in a tunnel near the entrance. Then we ran to the car. I stopped and bought two coffees and Uwe got the kids some food.  We had our picnic in the car, and then headed home. We did go a different route, but due to the rain and already being wet, we didn't stop. We just kept on driving. 
And, of course, there had to be some artwork for the kids to do when we got back. So below is what the kids did to remember their time at Stonehenge...which btw, ended up being their favorite touristy thing they did. Go figure!
Matthea's Stonehenge
Megan's Stonehenge.

Marcus didn't want to draw, so I challenged him to build it.
We had a bookshelf full of books, so that was his medium.
Final product....Bookhenge
A final one knows for sure how these stones got moved to this area or why they were built. Some believe aliens, a place to worship/sacrifice, and others believe it was something to do with astronomy and the solstice.  What do you think?


Cam and Elisa said...

Great family picture also a good one of your men!
Love that Marcus built it instead of drawing it! Way go to Marcus. I liked the bookhenge.
You are such a teacher :)

MaDonna Maurer said...

Thanks...I'm sure the kiddos hate that part about me. LOL

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