Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bath - Part 7: Bath Abby

Bath Abbey is, well the biggest abbey in Bath. It is located right next to the Roman Baths. One of my favorite places was to sit outside in the courtyard watching people...yes, I'm a people watcher.  I'd watch the various tour groups line up to go into the Roman Bath Museum with their cameras, humming about capturing the beauty around.  Also, I'd watch the protest groups demonstrate with their cardboard signs speaking out against inhumane treatment of animals, antiwar, or whatever else was the call of the day.  None were violent or aggressive...more like odd scenery displayed in front of historic relics. Maybe not odd to everyone, but to this small town girl it seemed a bit out of place.But, my utmost favorite thing was the musicians. There was reggae, drums, pop, and even classical. One young lady brought a magical air to the courtyard with her crystal clear voice singing "Ave Maria".  She had the crowd mesmerized.  As Megan placed her coins in the can, the young lady smiled and waved. She didn't miss a note or a beat, just kept right on singing. Megan, too, was caught by the magic. Bath was like that somedays....magical. The buildings all seemed to glow in the evening as the sun cast it's last rays on them.  A bit breath taking.....
The Bath Abbey

Our first day we sat in the courtyard and ate lunch next to a nice
British lady who gave the kids some yummy gummies.

At seven at night. My favorite time to be out when the sun's last
rays shone on the stone and changed them from grey stone to
hints of color with fiery undertones.

My kiddos

Feeding the birds in the courtyard...Matthea was asleep when
the bird flew across her lap. She so missed out on this one.

My kiddos trying to not squint in the sun....hee, hee!

"Ave Maria" singer...can't you see the joy in her face?

Matthea's drawing of the birds at the Bath Abbey....
drawn on a day when she was awake.

Megan's picture of the people at the Bath Abbey.


Mike, Morgan, Aidan, and Lucas said...

Loved this post! I love the story of the lady singing Ave Maria (and the pic!), and the older lady who gave your kids gummies. Don't you just love meeting kind strangers in other countries? It warms my heart!

I've enjoyed reading your posts about Bath. Would love to visit...someday...

I just finished watching a BBC miniseries called Lost in Austen, in which a modern-day girl finds herself stuck in the middle of Pride and Prejudice. Not too bad, although it was a little bit cheesy at the end! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about Bath after watching that. Austen's world has been on my mind this week.

MaDonna Maurer said...

So glad you enjoyed this post. That moment in the courtyard is one of those times I wish I could bottle up and keep forever. Like today would be a great day to open it and just sit back and forget everything else. *sigh*, but must get packed up and headed to school to get the kiddos and the other fun errands on my list today. HA!
Do you own the miniseries? That sounds really interesting...could I borrow it if it is yours?

Cam and Elisa said...

Loved all the pictures of this day! Looked like a special one. And the singer....wasn't what I pictured when described but definitely can hear it in my head. But in that setting...I bet Oh such much better!

MaDonna Maurer said...

Elisa, she reminded me of Teecy...I remember taking a double take when we saw her. Later I FB Teecy and told her I'd found her double!

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